Always Be Stylish- Even if you’re too scared to take a chance on relationships

Many women have had their heartbroken by a man and don’t want that to happen again.
Consequences: They don’t cut themselves any slack or the menu men in their lives any slack. The least they can do if they want to be stylish is to always be wearing good shoes.

RESPONSE 1: “if you are going to kick my ass please be wearing good shoes.”’
RESPONSE 2: “Well, if a woman is going to rip your gills off, it is good that she is wearing great shoes!”

OBSERVATION: He has a look of terror as she is ripping his gills off! Women were not defenseless in vintage sci-fi; women are not defenseless today!

There is a natural kindness that many men possess.  
They like to help women.
They will help a woman no matter what the woman is wearing, no matter how the woman looks, or how well she is dressed.
There is no need for anyone to use their body to get things.
Some things are just kindly given.

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