Art Conquers All- or, Alternate Reality Etc . .


I saw a pancake advertisement on a sign on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks yesterday that was a picture of a pancake with the caption, “Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Pancake. I thought, “How boring.”


Compare that saccharine sentimental chocolate chip macadamia nut pancake advertisement to the photograph of a painting of a stack of pancakes on a wall (see above) with sexual energy – a sexual undertone – I took two days ago at Myke’s Cafe. Gary Smolker, Fashion Blogger

COMMENT NUMBER ONE: Myke’s Cafe serves extraordinarily delicious buttermilk pancakes. I love their buttermilk pancakes.

COMMENT NUMBER TWO: The painting (see photo) creates a magical moment in the viewer’s sub-conscience by sending the under the radar imaginary strong edgy emotion provoking enticing non-verbal message: “EAT ME! I want to be eaten. I am supposed to be eaten. I am delicious.”

COMMENT NUMBER THREE: Myke’s is famous for its extraordinarily delicious buttermilk pancakes. Myke’s is an edgy place.

The AMBIANCE and menu at Myke’s shouts out, “Victory belongs to the bold.” Comment Number Four: That painting is painted on a wall in a unisex bathroom at Myke’s Cafe.

COMMENT NUMBER FIVE: That painting is NOT an advertise for red high heel shoes! … the red high heels reinforce the magical fantasy, “I Am Delicious, Eat Me!”

COMMENT NUMBER SIX: If you want to enjoy life to the fullest enjoy every moment.

COMMENT SEVEN: Something raw and vibrant ( i.e., the Beatles’ song “Please Please ME”) beats dreary boring normal every time.

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