Author: Gary

The well dressed man with a smile and friendly expression on his face will always be noticed and will be easy to connect to. Appearances matter, they leave a lasting impression. This man above has a welcoming appearance/demeanor. People will like or love him the minute they see him. The message his clothing and smile more »

There are stylish people everywhere. ADVICE FOR MEN: BE A CREATIVE ONE OF A KIND FASHION ICON. I have never seen a man wear a yoga outfit quite like the outfit this man is wearing. If you want to stand out, stand apart, and be noticed wear a yoga outfit like this one. Gary Smolker, more »

I am having wonderful conversations with interesting people. At dinner tonight Ronaldo – a complete stranger in my life until three days ago – and I discussed HOW TO DO NOTHING WITH STYLE. Brazil is the land of happy music, bright colors and women wearing bikinis at the beach, at swimming pools, wherever they are more »

A young cosmetic dentist I know inspired me by his curiosity to post that. Like many ambitious people he is a lifetime student. Like many “coaches” I get great joy from SHOWING people how to do things. That is why I am a passionate person. IT iS NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE TEETH THIS WHITE! WOMEN: more »

Achieving/reaching a state of TRANQUILITY has sharpened my perceptions. Bottom line: People who are not passionately motivated about what they are doing will not be capable of putting forth the effort to achieve greatness. They have already lost the race before the starting gun has been shot. They are the living dead.Brazil is FULL OF more »

Women care deeply about bathrooms. This hotel has wonderful public restrooms, each public restroom is designed and decorated differently than all the others. If a man really likes a woman he should take her on holiday to this resort JUST to be considerate. This hotel has many other features that make it visually delightful. Many professional more »

Look at her nails. All over the world, women pay attention to the appearance of their nails. All over the world women pay attention to their appearance; all over the world women want to look good. ADVICE TO MEN: Women like bracelets; women like rings; women like jewelry. COMMENT: She needs a sharp pair of earrings because she looks naked without earrings.

Once upon a time, corporations in Europe and then in the United States were given their charters by the government to carry out specific endeavors meant to enhance the common good. Status as a corporationwould give the proprietors special protection against personal liability as well as the ability to pool resources and manpower that could not easily be achieved by an more »