Author: Gary

We have a collective memory. Some people among us have experience memory  and  knowledge  embedded in their DNA when they are born from five generations hence. They have memory embedded in their DNA of things they “saw” before they were “born” and of things that they saw that will happen in the future. They remember everything they hear more »

FEED YOUR SOUL SPIRIT. Love is the light of the world. Feel the power of love in a LOVE POEM written on a garage door fronting on an alley in Venice,California (or any street in your zip code). Love adorns the world with beauty. Love brings its kindness and imagination to all things. Love needs more »

I drank two glasses of calming tea in the three hour time period from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. last night while listening to a women passionately describe the hummus she had made earlier in the day that would be served at her family’s New Year’s Eve dinner. This women is very inspirational. I have more »

Believe or not I once had an imaginary one question employment application form. The one question I asked was the following question: ARE YOU A MANIAC? Meet “Boo.” I met Boo in Rio de Janeiro. In August.  Boo is a Management Consultant. Meet “Lisa.” I met Lisa in 29 Palms in May. Lisa is a more »

“Clearly, she doesn’t have a dog!” Last night I attended a lecture in Santa Monica, California titled “What We Know About the Inside of the Earth.” Among other things the lecturer – who is working on a PhD in Geology at UCLA – told us diamonds are not forever. “If you leave your diamonds out more »

ALTERNATIVE REALITY. I saw a pancake advertisement on a sign on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks yesterday that was a picture of a pancake with the caption, “Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Pancake. I thought, “How boring.” STRONG VISUAL BRANDING HAS IMPACT THAT PRODUCES RESULTS. Compare that saccharine sentimental chocolate chip macadamia nut pancake advertisement to more »

With the rise of AI and 3-D printers mankind’s biological drives will not go away. To keep our mental balance all of us will continue to say yes to life with style no matter how advanced computer technology becomes. Look at the beautiful simple hat that woman is wearing. Her choice to wear the simple hat she is wearing sends the message to me that she is more »

The well dressed man with a smile and friendly expression on his face will always be noticed and will be easy to connect to. Appearances matter, they leave a lasting impression. This man above has a welcoming appearance/demeanor. People will like or love him the minute they see him. The message his clothing and smile more »

There are stylish people everywhere. ADVICE FOR MEN: BE A CREATIVE ONE OF A KIND FASHION ICON. I have never seen a man wear a yoga outfit quite like the outfit this man is wearing. If you want to stand out, stand apart, and be noticed wear a yoga outfit like this one. Gary Smolker, more »