Author: Gary

Post-Coachella Edition: Katy Perry OLD VAUDVILLE JOKE: Why do loose women wear green lipstick? A: Because red means “stop”. Checking out our cute lil Katy, red really means stop. Please Katy, your audience has only been good to you and this is how you repay us? SERIOUSLY FOLKS, if I was a judge in criminal more »

Coachella Editon: SuperModel Kate Bosworth First, the obvious. Kate Bosworth’s sandal clodhoppers are hideous. ’nuff said . . . Second, I would like to talk about the unlikely legacy of the Coachella Music Festival that draws all the planet’s top style and tastemakers like a honeytrap (with or without their butt ugly shoes). Once up more »

A lot of people in Britain use Sarah Ferguson’s name like a punchline of a national joke, and most royals-obsessed Americans don’t realize how large portions of the UK population despises it royal family (kind of strange when you consider how much these princes and princesses are beloved here in The Colonies that fought so more »

Katie Holmes, Ex Scientologist and Tom Cruise Wife Dearly beloved readers, besides Katie’s poor judgement in the husband department, it appears she has bad taste in shoe apparel. Colorblind much, Katie? I imagine there’s a time and place where these shoes would be entirely appropriate but we’re not on one of the Moons of Jupiter, are we more »

Repeat Offender: Kim Kardashian Normally, we here at DGTWS think that pregnant women are naturally beautiful- if you’re talking about normal and natural women. Which kind of leaves Kim out, right? Dear Kim, at which point does your comfort and safety from a nasty unbalanced pregnancy stumble take precedence over your need to wear the ugliest more »

Alexander McQueen’s navy suede pumps find a perfect fit on the Dutchess of Cambridge’s feet. The former Kate Middleton has one of the toughest pr jobs in the world as the late Princess Diana’s heir to fashion forward style. Her every outfit and public moment is subject to intense scrutiny- and honestly, it doesn’t always more »

Avril Lavigne Mon Cher Vassals! Yes, we do our best to shield you precious children from the horrors of this chaotic world, but alas! The ugliness keeps trying to creep back into our lives on the feet of the otherwise lovely songbird, Avril Lavigne. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about looking at this monstrosity more »

Lara Flynn Boyle   Once upon a time, back in the 20th Century, there was a lovely brunette actress named Lara Flynn Boyle. Lara woke up one day to find out that she was Hollywood’s It Girl, and rode that notoriety in films such as Twin Peaks, and tv shows like The Practice. She also more »

Emma Thompson (TRIGGER WARNING: Um, the British can be just as ugly as the damned Yanks . . .) Bad LSD? Ebola virus? Zombie impersonator? Mon Legions- These are three of your choices to explain how British actress extraordinaire, Emma Thompson, has been possessed by bad taste. She has apparently lost all control, as you can see more »

Kristen Stewart- Witch Ugly The lovely Kristen Stewart wins the Butt Ugly Shoe award this time out but I get the feeling this young starlet was probably trying to shock us on purpose with these horrendous Wizard of Oz Hex clodhoppers. You see, every young actress that hits it big as some kind of wholesome girl more »