What Do Beverly Hills Women Want? First, don’t be too invested . . .

Gary : November 5, 2018 11:21 pm : blog

Welcome to our Halloween Post-Mortem column (all pun intended).

This year I lost my way then found it again at a very private party up in the Beverly Hills. Never mind that daytime Beverly Hills reminds me of an expensive nursing home. Everyone here likes to talk about the great things they did . . .20 years ago.

Or even better, they talk a big game about what they’re going to do (as long as someone else comes along to do the hard work of pulling their wagon). ASIDE: Here’s a bit of advice to those of you ambitious types who plan to move to L.A. to make your fortune:






Do not move to Beverly Hills. Your wealthy neighbors have nothing to prove, are living out-to-pasture, or worse, married into their money and will be of no use in helping launch the Next Big Idea you are trying to get off the ground.

Okay, back on topic-The Beverly Hills Halloween party and my inability to drink alcohol most of the time. This means I have to be engaging with strangers and attractive women who likely have as much money as me or more- and do this all using my own wits. Terrifying, no?

But your intrepid columnist has an advantage you likely don’t- I was once engaged to a Playboy Playmate and learned quite a few things about the subtleties in the way super-hot women of all backgrounds evaluate men. Suffice it to say, I applied just one of these lessons on Halloween, surrounded this night by very attractive models from all over Europe and the U.S. at this exclusive party at the home of a very attractive and enigmatic German expat named Sofia. (Sofia is what I never thought I would meet- a human female who is actually shaped like a Barbie Doll- see above photo).

My lesson applied? Be friendly. Be in the moment with the person you’re talking to- but NEVER BE INVESTED IN ANY OUTCOME. Talk a hot woman and tell her she’s funny (or smart), just never compliment her looks like all the other schmucks she talks to during her day. Let her know you’re single and and then hit her with this- “You’re adorable and you’d be a great catch – for my golfing partner (or brother, or biz partner, etc).

And then introduce her to one of the other guys at the party she doesn’t know. Obviously, this means you’ve scouted out some of the more interesting/attractive guys beforehand, learned a little bit about them and remember their names.

This is how dating non-investment works. You’re engaging, interested, but not afraid to expand your new lady friend’s social horizons with other interesting people. Don’t be afraid that the woman in question will be whisked away by the other guys- they will return back to you during the night because only you have shown extraordinary self-confidence, charm, and a concern for her social prospects beyond what you want from her. You show that you are willing to add value to her life, not just trying to get something like a selfish womanizer.

And after you do this- RINSE AND REPEAT with another hot girl. God forbid you come away with several gorgeous women who want to be your pal. Nothing wrong with that, it’s all good. And actually very helpful in finding a long-term relationship- but more on that in another post.

This is the behavior of an Alpha Male at any income level, in any zip code. You are not invested in how she JUDGES you. You are not a wuss like the rest of the dorks trying to make her the center of their lives instead of inviting her to join you on the interesting and exciting path you are traveling.

Hey, it works for me. Now go get busy . . .





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Halloween Treat- A common secret of your future success

Gary : October 31, 2018 1:50 am : blog
Believe or not I once had an imaginary one question employment application form. The one question I asked was the following question: ARE YOU A MANIAC?
Meet “Boo.” I met Boo in Rio de Janeiro. In August.  Boo is a Management Consultant.
Meet “Lisa.” I met Lisa in 29 Palms in May. Lisa is a Drum Medicine Woman.”
The four of us probably have more in common than we can possibly imagine.
One of the wonderful things about Trump’s business experience is the lesson you can make huge mistakes and be a huge success anyways.
CONCLUSION: Being a maniac makes a big difference.
Being a maniac is important. … when I met Boo and when I met Lisa – sparks flew on my maniac energy counter.
They are both bright lights, extremely high energy.  I predict they sometimes get carried away.
When they enter a room, the room lights up from the force of their purposeful intellect and mania (enthusiasm, vitality, and positive energy) oozes out of their pores.
By the way, my friend Paul Fegen – who has found nationwide show biz fame after he turned 70 is known by his close friends for his dynamic hard core entrepreneurship – and his extremely high energy too –
Paul never stops going. Nothing (not even failure) stops Paul.
Paul has fast hands – the hand is quicker than the eye type fast hands- and never stops doing card tricks and never stops doing deals
I am sure Donald Trump, you, Boo and Lisa live in a state of inner calm because of your high intensity approach to everything you take in and because each of you is hyper trained and in a constant state of hyper training.
Ask any Olympic Gold Medal Winner – about their training, practice.
They will tell you pain comes with the territory.
You have to love what you are doing  more than you hate the pain to win an Olympic Gold Medal or anything else.
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“Diamonds Melt” And Other Sage Advice From Young Women

Gary : October 19, 2018 10:48 am : blog

“Clearly, she doesn’t have a dog!”

Last night I attended a lecture in Santa Monica, California titled “What We Know About the Inside of the Earth.”

Among other things the lecturer – who is working on a PhD in Geology at UCLA – told us diamonds are not forever. “If you leave your diamonds out and your house burns down your diamonds will melt.”

I told that to a woman this morning. She replied, “Diamonds might not last forever, but they still are a ‘girl’s’ best friend.”

ASIDE: Healthy relationships require emotional, intellectual and spiritual depth.

COMMENT 1: Clearly, she doesn’t have a dog.

COMMENT 2: Healthy relationships require emotional, intellectual and spiritual depth.

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Art Conquers All- or, Alternate Reality Etc . .

Gary : October 9, 2018 10:41 am : blog


I saw a pancake advertisement on a sign on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks yesterday that was a picture of a pancake with the caption, “Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Pancake. I thought, “How boring.”


Compare that saccharine sentimental chocolate chip macadamia nut pancake advertisement to the photograph of a painting of a stack of pancakes on a wall (see above) with sexual energy – a sexual undertone – I took two days ago at Myke’s Cafe. Gary Smolker, Fashion Blogger

COMMENT NUMBER ONE: Myke’s Cafe serves extraordinarily delicious buttermilk pancakes. I love their buttermilk pancakes.

COMMENT NUMBER TWO: The painting (see photo) creates a magical moment in the viewer’s sub-conscience by sending the under the radar imaginary strong edgy emotion provoking enticing non-verbal message: “EAT ME! I want to be eaten. I am supposed to be eaten. I am delicious.”

COMMENT NUMBER THREE: Myke’s is famous for its extraordinarily delicious buttermilk pancakes. Myke’s is an edgy place.

The AMBIANCE and menu at Myke’s shouts out, “Victory belongs to the bold.” Comment Number Four: That painting is painted on a wall in a unisex bathroom at Myke’s Cafe.

COMMENT NUMBER FIVE: That painting is NOT an advertise for red high heel shoes! … the red high heels reinforce the magical fantasy, “I Am Delicious, Eat Me!”

COMMENT NUMBER SIX: If you want to enjoy life to the fullest enjoy every moment.

COMMENT SEVEN: Something raw and vibrant ( i.e., the Beatles’ song “Please Please ME”) beats dreary boring normal every time.

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Defy The Digital World- Say Yes To Life With Style

Gary : October 8, 2018 7:36 pm : blog

With the rise of AI and 3-D printers mankind’s biological drives will not go away. To keep our mental balance all of us will continue to say yes to life with style no matter how advanced computer technology becomes.

Look at the beautiful simple hat that woman is wearing. Her choice to wear the simple hat she is wearing sends the message to me that she is more interesting refined logical exciting and orderly and has a better sense of packaging and style than the newest model of iPhone.

PERSONAL OBSERVATION: I recently spent three weeks as a tourist on a sight seeing and culinary adventure in Brazil. I found the Brazilian women I met to be warm welcoming friendly sexy and openly accepting of their own bodies. Female Sexuality throbbed in my nostrils every time I breathed, with every breath I took in Brazil, everywhere I went in Brazil.

GOAL: I plan to go to Carnaval in Rio to watch and to photograph and to be part of the free—flowing joy and ecstasy of a population full blast celebrating the miracle and gift of being alive.

QUESTION: Does the hat make the woman? A: No! It’s her packaging and sense of style.

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A Well-Dressed Man Is Easy To Connect To

Gary : September 7, 2018 12:44 pm : blog

The well dressed man with a smile and friendly expression on his face will always be noticed and will be easy to connect to.

Appearances matter, they leave a lasting impression.

This man above has a welcoming appearance/demeanor. People will like or love him the minute they see him. The message his clothing and smile combination send is, “I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SOUL.”

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Gary : September 1, 2018 12:37 pm : blog

There are stylish people everywhere.


I have never seen a man wear a yoga outfit quite like the outfit this man is wearing. If you want to stand out, stand apart, and be noticed wear a yoga outfit like this one. Gary Smolker, Fashion Blogger

I guarantee all the beautiful women doing yoga in the yoga studio will NOTICE YOU, if you wear this yoga outfit while doing yoga with them.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Make a lasting impression. Appearance, style, glitz and glamor are important. For more guidance – stay tuned.

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How To Do Nothing (with style!) What Life Is About-

Gary : August 29, 2018 6:56 am : blog

I am having wonderful conversations with interesting people. At dinner tonight Ronaldo – a complete stranger in my life until three days ago – and I discussed HOW TO DO NOTHING WITH STYLE. Brazil is the land of happy music, bright colors and women wearing bikinis at the beach, at swimming pools, wherever they are wearing clothes while they are sunbathing.

HAVING STYLE IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. Good conversation makes food taste better. At dinner tonight, Ronaldo and I discussed how to do NOTHING with style. There are many ways to do nothing.

COMMENT: Doing “nothing” nothing with style takes the knowledge one gains through slow practice – analyzing and correcting mistakes as you go along. It takes about ten years of concentrated practice to achieve world class skill at doing nothing with style.

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White Teeth & Brazil’s Great Deals

Gary : August 27, 2018 7:02 am : blog

A young cosmetic dentist I know inspired me by his curiosity to post that. Like many ambitious people he is a lifetime student. Like many “coaches” I get great joy from SHOWING people how to do things. That is why I am a passionate person.

IT iS NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE TEETH THIS WHITE! WOMEN: Be exciting. If you have white teeth like those teeth shown in this photo (and you can) all the women who see you smile and all the women who see you eat a strawberry will ask/beg you to tell them how you got/keep your teeth so WHITE.

MEN: Give that special woman in your life a special gift, a gift that will make her more sparkly and even more beautiful, more content, more relaxed and more easy going and even more pleasant to be with. Give her a set of veneers placed on her teeth by a dentist @dra.claudiadiniz @abilityodontologia with excellent high performance technique who is an artist and lover of beauty with practical dental/cosmetic dentistry-experience and know how.

BRAZIL CONNECTION: Photo of veneers installed by a beautiful Brazilian-lady dentist I know who practices cosmetic dentistry near the Amazon River in Brazil, a five hour flight from Miami. Changes/prices for dental work by highly educated dentist practicing cosmetic dentistry in Brazil are significantly less than in US.

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Tranquility Sharpens The Mind, Gentlemen . . .

Gary : August 23, 2018 10:31 am : blog

Achieving/reaching a state of TRANQUILITY has sharpened my perceptions. Bottom line: People who are not passionately motivated about what they are doing will not be capable of putting forth the effort to achieve greatness. They have already lost the race before the starting gun has been shot.

They are the living dead.Brazil is FULL OF LIFE, happy colorful samba music.

Comparatively speaking. Los Angeles, albeit the Fashion capitol of the world and the entertainment capitol of the world, is DEAD, a ghost town filled with wannabes, full of directionless people who don’t have a clue and insecurity.


REENERGIZE. Brazil is going to be the next leading country in the world. Compare San Francisco which smells of urine with São Paulo where beautiful publicly displayed art literally abounds. Where the artist are is where the future will be.

PHOTO AT TOP is of my poolside lunch today (grilled fish, coconut rice and lightly cooked colorful mixed vegetables) at the Txai Resort Hotel at Itacare Beach.

PERSONAL NOTE: I am taking advantage of the opportunity I gave myself to do “nothing” but enjoy nature, wander while going slow and to take hours eating meals slowly — for 28 days. For dessert I had two artisan sorbets created with local fruits and the sugar of those fruits. My lunch took two hours to consume.

ASIDE: Of course, there was no reason to rush. While slowing eating each morsel of my lunch I enjoyed looking at the panorama of gorgeous women in colorful bikinis surrounding me at the swimming pool. Although it is winter here in Brazil, the weather is perfect bikini wearing weather. Each woman I saw at the swimming pool was wearing a different bright happy colored colorful bikini.

COMMENT: Life is a fashion show. There is no reason to be in a hurry or to be dull, bored, or boring. ADVICE: It is superlatively peaceful here.

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Yes, Restroom Style Is Very Important To Women

Gary : August 22, 2018 10:03 am : blog
Women care deeply about bathrooms.
This hotel has wonderful public restrooms, each public restroom is designed and decorated differently than all the others. If a man really likes a woman he should take her on holiday to this resort JUST to be considerate.
This hotel has many other features that make it visually delightful. Many professional wealthy men have no concept Of luxury.
Luxury is very simply
BEAUTY – beautiful happy joyful colors, beautiful color combinations, beautiful design.
An understanding of LUXURY can be expressed as simply as placing a beautiful simple floral display in a simple vase on a table in an outside patio.

PERSONAL OBSERVATION. This hotel is a wonderful place to relax, to connect to beauty. Here, and in many other places, I see how grateful I should be for life. — There is always beauty here. To see beauty is “free.”

This Hotel is designed to give people the opportunity to do nothing:

(1) to enjoy nature, and

(2) to be integrated with nature.

PHOTO: I took this collage of photos of a sink wash basin, the counter the basin is placed in, and of flowers in a vase and of the mirror above the sink. That is a reflection of me taking photos in the mirror. I washed my hands in that sink basin in the the wash room section before going to the restaurant in this hotel to eat lunch.

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Social Fitness – Challenging Your Brain With Life’s Finest

Gary : August 21, 2018 10:15 am : blog

At the hotel my daughter Leah and I are staying at – at this moment – during our 28 Day cuisine adventure – we are at the swimming pool; a man is walking around the swimming pool with sticks (see photo) containing slices of Mellon and pineapple and grapes that he hands out to anyone who would like one.I took one. — the fruit on it was refreshing and tasted good.

WINTER. It is winter here in Brazil at the moment. But the weather here is perfect swimming pool weather, perfect temperature for swimming, perfect weather for wearing a bikini, etc.

PERSONAL COMMENT: if I wasn’t so shy I would ask women wearing bikinis at the swimming pool for permission to take their photographs and to post the photographs I took of them on Instagram

ADVICE: I need to go to SHYNESS SCHOOL to learn how to get over my shyness – after all, experiments have found that situations in which people are forced to adapt and to attune themselves to new challenges(I.e., make errors and pay attention) tend to increase cognitive ability and also prevents onset of Alzheimer’s.

TAKEAWAY: The brain grows when it is challenged.

ADVICE NUMBER TWO: I could immediate tell the Belmond Hotel is a FIVE STAR HOTEL by being surrounded by luxury elements in every place in the hotel. ASIDE: This is the first hotel I’ve stayed in that hands out slices of fresh fruit to everyone at its outdoor swimming pool.

PERSONAL NOTE: I don’t have sons. I have three daughters. My youngest daughter, Leah just left the swimming pool where she had been swimming to go to a 2:00 p.m. nail appointment. Women must get their nails done, even when they are on vacation. Getting their nails done is an inherent part of their femininity.


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Why Women Are Naked Without The Right Accessories

Gary : August 17, 2018 11:58 am : blog

Look at her nails. All over the world, women pay attention to the appearance of their nails. All over the world women pay attention to their appearance; all over the world women want to look good.

ADVICE TO MEN: Women like bracelets; women like rings; women like jewelry.

COMMENT: She needs a sharp pair of earrings because she looks naked without earrings.

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Cultivate Your Creativity- Don’t Be Shackled By What You Already Know

Gary : August 3, 2018 11:32 am : blog

MEAT EATING LOVERS VS. VEGAN LOVERS: True or false: Vegansmake better lovers?

I have not tested this theory?

THE SMELL TEST: What you Eat will determine how your breath smells and how your skin smells.

I learned while preparing for my upcoming trip to Peru and Brazil that what you eat causes your body to produce volatile chemicals that are released into the air – these airborne chemicals either attract mosquitoes to you or repel mosquitoes away from you depending on what you have eaten.

ASIDE: The woman who is wearing this shirt will be taking care of my orchid plants while I am traveling in Peruand Brazil this summer and she is a fabulous cook. (Her husband is a carnivore.) I dropped my orchid plants off at her house tonight (Wednesday August 2, 2018). She and her husband treated me to a wonderful homemade dinner. He barbecued Meat for an entree and she prepared a variety of dishes including Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

After dinner, I asked both of them (privately) whether vegans make better lovers. I leave for Peru on Monday(Aug 6, 2018).

See video of her garden posted on Instagram @garyspassion.

FOOD FACTS: There is an art and science to pairing common ingredients to create extraordinary dishes.

MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY: Each ingredient has a complex network of chemical structures that give each ingredient its own unique flavor. These compounds are responsible for 80 percent of what we perceive when we take a bite or sip. A simple ingredient like lettuce has about twenty such compound.

Coffee has nearly 1,000. When it comes to enjoying food, our sense of taste would be nothing without our sense of smell. Test that for yourself. Next time you sip your coffee, pinch your nose closed and see if it doesn’t taste like warm, slightly bitter water. Without your nose to sense hundreds of volatile compounds (called aromatic compounds), coffee – or any substance – becomes nearly flavorless.

Think about how much the aroma of burgers on a grill tell you about the food’s flavor … as the scent wafts through the summer air … even if you are sitting far away from it.

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Relationships: “A Beneficial Purpose”

Gary : July 23, 2018 1:32 am : blog

Once upon a time, corporations in Europe and then in the United States were given their charters by the government to carry out specific endeavors meant to enhance the common good.

Status as a corporationwould give the proprietors special protection against personal liability as well as the ability to pool resources and manpower that could not easily be achieved by an individual proprietorship.

QUESTION: What would personal relationships be like TODAY if people specified “beneficial PURPOSE” they have in mind clearly at the beginning of their relationship?

Gary Smolker,
FashionBlogger, World Traveler and Trial Attorney.

PHOTO ABOVE of two people who appear to be authentically enjoying each other without fakery manipulation self-aggrandizement or hidden agenda.

HISTORICAL NOTE: Corporate charters today are handed out to anyone who asks, without the founders having to justifytheir need for this special status by specifying their beneficial purpose. Today people treat each other – treat their boyfriend and their girlfriend, and treat their husband and treat their wife – as if they were/are COMMODITIES.

In “HIP” cities like San Francisco male-female relationships are short-term; there are more pet dogs than children. People have a longer lasting relationship with their pet than with their significant other.

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