Just Mercy Film Review: Gary’s Take

Gary : September 14, 2019 10:25 pm : blog


Some people believe all it takes to change the world is to have a good idea, to have a good plan, to have a skill, to be smart, and to work hard.
Those people are wrong.
It takes all of the above plus conviction and hope.
The film JUST MERCY teaches us that lesson.


JUST MERCY is a film based on a true story.
JUST MERCY is about an unjust legal system.
The film tells the story of a black man wrongfully convicted of murdering a white woman in Monroe County, Alabama.
An all white jury, the prosecutor, the chief of police, the entire white police force, white townspeople, and a trial judge did not care about truth or justice when that black man was on trial for murder.
A corrupt white judge did not care about truth or justice or that an innocent man had been wrongfully convicted of murder and was on death row waiting for his execution date to be set when he ruled on a motion to reopen the case, when he denied a motion to give the wrongfully convicted black man a new trial.


In the opening scene we see, Bryan Stevenson’s mother telling Bryan:
“If you don’t recognize the danger in what you are doing, you wasted your time going to Harvard Law School and you should ask for your money back.”
“Out there in Alabama they are going to chew you up and spit you out.”
Bryan replies:
“It isn’t my job to make people happy.  It is my job to see that justice is done.”
“I know what it is like to live in the shadows.”
“I want to fight for people who need help the most.”
“That is why I am doing this.”


Attorney Stevenson arrives in Monroe County Alabama at an office building where he is greeted by his assistant Eva Ansley and the landlord who are having a heated discussion.
The Landlord tells Bryan:
“I am sorry I can’t rent this space to you.”
“I didn’t know you were going to set up a law firm/legal clinic to represent convicted murders on death row.”
“I can’t have that kind of law firm in my building.”


Attorney Stevenson walks into the W.C. Holman Correctional Facility to have a meeting with Walter McMillian, his first prospective client.
The guard at the door entering into the hallway to the meeting room tells Attorney Stevenson:
“You can’t go in until I complete a complete body search.”
Stevenson replies:
“You can’t do that; I am his lawyer.”


Attorney Stevenson is taking off all his clothes in front of the guard.
After he has removed all his clothes, the guard tells him:
“I have to do a complete body search.”
“Spread them.”


There was no direct evidence that McMillian killed the white woman.
The prosecution was based on the testimony of one witness.
That witness testified that shorty after the murder of the white woman, he saw McMillian and the dead white woman in the Dry Cleaning establishment where the white woman had just been murdered.


Attorney Stevenson tirelessly conducted a through investigation.


While Stevenson was looking at records of the case in police department record archives, a black clerk asked Stevenson black secretary:
“Is he married?”
His secretary replied:
“But, he is married to his work.”


While looking through police records, Attorney Stevenson finds a taped interview.
In the interview the Chief of Police asked the key witness to testify that he saw McMillian at the scene of the murder.
The Key Witness replies: “I would never say that! I did not see him there!”


With much difficulty and after exerting much charm, Attorney Stevenson asks the key witness:
“Why did you change your mind?”
“Why did you tell the police chief that you would not testify that you saw McMillian at the dry cleaners and then testify at the trial that you saw McMillian there?
Leading up to those key questions, Stevenson asked the key witness:
“Do you have any children?
The key witness replied:
“Yes I do.”
“I have three children.”
“I thought having a child would be like having a dog.”
I was wrong.”
“I wish someone would have told me having a child is not like having a dog.”
Attorney Stevenson then told the key witness that:
McMillian has children and a wife.”
“He loves his children and his wife and his wife and his children love him.”


The key witness was an orphan.
He had been raised by abusive foster care parents.
On time he was in bed and his pajamas caught on fire.
His skin burned.
He has never forgot the smell of his burning flesh.
Every since then he has been deadly afraid of fire.
He was in jail for robbery at the time the police chief asked him to lie about seeing McMillian at the scene of the crime.
After he refused to lie, the Police Chief had him transferred to a cell on death row.
Shortly after he got to his cell one of the inmates was electrocuted – the smell of burning flesh attacked him in his cell.
The Police Chief then talked to him again.
He then agreed to give false testimony at the upcoming murder trial.


Attorney Stevenson prepared and submitted a motion for new trial.
The key witness testified at the hearing on the motion.
During his testimony he recanted his prior testimony.  He testified that he had lied.
He testified that he had not scene McMillian at the scene of the crime.
Another witness testified that the key witness could not have seen McMillian at the scene of the crime because he was working with him in a garage fixing a transmission.
The judge denied the motion for new trial.


Ask yourself: Why did the police arrest McMillian in the first place.
You should see the movie if you want to know what happened next.
Gary Smolker, Movie Reviewer, Values Critic, and Trial Attorney
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JoJo Rabbit Unfurls At The Toronto Film Fest. (And Gary Passes Judgement)

Gary : September 10, 2019 10:34 am : blog
JoJoRabbit is a complex movie about Nazi Germany, strong women, love, Hope, desperation, making the best of a horrible situation.
JoJoRabbit follows in the footsteps of LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL but instead of the hero being a father protecting his clueless son in a nazi Death Camp, the main character is a mother protecting her fragile fractured fatherless so. and a young teenage strong beautiful Jewish Woman being hidden from the Nazis in her home.
The movie revolves around many thoughts, many situations, the boy’s interaction with many characters and mainly his interaction with the Jewess hiding in his home.
The movie is about how hate is taught, how young people are indoctrinated and shaped by the people around them.
The movie is UGLY. Some people will not stay to the end of the movie because they will become they will not be able to watch the way Nazis treat people and become so offended by the way the Nazis treat people that they can not bear to see anymore of the movie.
But the movie is about life under desperate circumstances and how a brave mother rises to the occasion.
The movie is also about a strong brave Jewish girl and how she rises to the occasion.
The TAKEAWAY MESSAGE of the movie is HATE IS THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES.  HATE cannot be ignored. Hate is more insufferable and more deadly than cancer.
Gary Smolker, Movie Reviewer, Values Critic, and Trial Attorney
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TIFF Review: On The Memorable Visuals of “The Traitor”

Gary : September 8, 2019 9:21 pm : blog, Uncategorized

THE TRAITOR has the most memorable visual I am likely to see in my life.

It is a scene in the life of the main character. #Magia # Boss#Tommaso #Buscetta is in #prison.

In this scene, everyone is sent out of the prison infirmary so that Buscetta can FUCK a beautiful woman in private.

After everyone, but Buscetta, exits the infirmary, a beautiful woman enters the infirmary, lays down on a bed, and Buscetta fucks her.

By the way, Buscetta believed he was a man of honor who abided by all the strict rules of the Costa Nostra – and was not violating the #code of #silence by testifying against his former associates during the most infamous and most significant trial in the Italian history of prosecution of the #Sicilian Mafia history.

You must see this movie in order to understand why he felt that way.

Gary Smolker, Movie Reviewer, Values Critic, Fashion Blogger, and Trial Lawyer

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Gary’s Declaration: Toronto Film Fest, 2019

Gary : September 5, 2019 9:08 am : blog
People turn to Hollywood for cues on how to dress, act, and even think.
inventiveness, and survivorship are qualities often associated with greatness. Right up there with those qualities – in great people – is aggressive optimism. Gary Smolker – Trial Lawyer, Movie Reviewer and Values Critic – I am an aggressively optimistic individual, an indefatigable against the odds optimist in the right and righteous situations I care about.
The motion picture is the school, the diversion, perhaps even the church of the future.
I am taking a break to rejuvenate – I will be attending the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) from Sept 5 – Sept 10. I love watching inspiring movies. I love reading inspiring stories in books. I love fast cars. I love being with lovely people.
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THE ART OF BUILDING A GOOD LIFE WELL LIVED-Review of “The Art of Driving in the Rain

Gary : August 24, 2019 4:25 am : blog

– A Book Report and Movie ” – by Gary Smolker, book reviewer, movie critic and values critic

The Movie “THE ART OF DRIVING IN THE RAIN” Is A Censored Version of the Book

Both the book and the movie are about a young man Denny who is a hero, his heroic selfless loving dying wife EVE, his loving young daughter ZOE, the family dog ENZO, and the EVIL COUPLE.

The EVIL COUPLE are EVE’S extremely wealthy complain about everything”, “know it all”,  manipulative parents.

The EVIL COUPLE constantly complain about everything and everyone.

They are self-absorbed parents.

They are self-absorbed grandparents.

Their conduct is manipulative, deceitful and out-of-bounds.

Death by Brain Cancer

EVE has brain cancer and is dying.

EVE and ZOE temporarily stay with EVE’S grandparents, the EVIL COUPLE, the moment EVE comes back from the hospital to recover from her brain surgery operation to remove the cancer tumor growing in her brain.

Building Dramatic Tension

There are many major differences between the book and the movie.

Dramatic Tension

The tension in the book is very high, a very dramatic fight for custody of ZOE initiated by the EVIL COUPLE after EVE dies.

EVE dies after a heart wrenching fight against brain cancer.

All during her battle with brain cancer, EVE unselfishly and lovingly attends to Denny’s emotional needs.

After Eve dies, the self-absorbed nothing is good enough for them EVIL COUPLE sue to get sole custody of ZOE.

The EVIL COUPLE believe they can provide a better life for ZOE with their money than can hard working decent young Denny who is starting out and just beginning his career as a race car driver.


In the book a 15 year old promiscuous sexy young woman wrongfully accused Denny of raping her.

Criminal charges are filed against Denny.

As a result of that accusation, the EVIL COUPLE GRANDPARENTS are awarded temporary custody of ZOE during the custody battle for sole custody of ZOE launched by the EVIL COUPLE.  Denny is not allowed to have custody of ZOE pending the outcome of a criminal trial.

That doesn’t happen in the movie.


In the movie, Denny is accused of thoughtlessly, in an angry rage, pushing ZOE’s grandfather down which resulted in the grandfather breaking a rib.

Criminal charges are filed against Denny for his alleged violet attack on EVE’S overbearing grandfather.

As a result of that accusation, the EVIL COUPLE GRANDPARENTS get to have sole temporary custody of ZOE. Denny is not allowed to have custody of ZOE but is eventually allowed visitation pending the outcome of the criminal trial.

That doesn’t happen in the book.


In the book, Denny runs out of money.

Denny sells his home to obtain necessary funds owing to his lawyer and so he will be able to continue to pay his lawyer to continue to represent him in his custody fight to regain custody of ZOE, and to continue to defend him in the criminal proceeding initiated by the EVIL COUPLE, ZOE’S manipulative grandparents.

That doesn’t happen in the movie.


In the book, Denny is kicked out of the cemetery during the burial of his wife by the EVIL COUPLE’S two sons.

That doesn’t happen in the movie.

Philosopher Dog

ENZO is a philosopher dog.

ENZO narrates the story in both the book and in the movie.

While narrating the story, ENZO comments on many contemporary social issues including the husband and wife couple who sold ENZO when he was a very young puppy to Denny.

In both the book and in the movie, the following exchange occurs after Denny tells the couple that he has chosen to purchase ENZO:

The puppy’s owner tells Denny, “That puppy is the pick of the litter. We were thinking of keeping him.”

ENZO comments after the man says that – in both the book and in the movie, “He says that to every purchaser about each and every puppy chosen to be purchased when the prospective purchaser asks,How much for that one?’”

I wrote nine pages of things said by ENZO while ENZO was narrating the story “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”


“The Art of Racing in the Rain” is a philosophical discourse on the topic: How to live a well lived good life!


Copyright © 2019 by Gary Smolker, All Rights Reserved

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Gary : August 14, 2019 11:19 pm : blog

by Gary Smolker, movie and values critic


I have always been drawn to gangster movies.

In gangster movies people take charge.  They solve their own problems.

I like cleverness and ingenuity.

I like winners.

I like to see something done spectacularly well.

In gangster movies there is always cleverness, ingenuity, something done spectacularly well and winners.

THE KITCHEN is a gangster movie.


THE KITCHEN is about how the wives of New York gangsters (Cathy, Ruby, and Claire) continue to operate their husbands’ rackets after their husbands are locked up in prison.

The wives manage their husbands’ rackets better than their husbands had.

They improve the operation and profits of their husbands rackets.

There is enormous tension when the husbands come home and find that their wives have been very successfully operating their rackets and have profitably expanded.


While watching that movie, I thought it was a lousy movie – because while watching it, I thought was a boring senseless diatribe against the stupidity of men who sincerely believe it is a man’s world.
The first half of the movie is extremely slow.
I felt lI was trapped in my seat, forced to see the main characters – all women, wives of mobsters – being mistreated by their husbands and the man their husbands worked for.
Little did I suspect at the time that the first half of the movie was an awkward setup for what turned out to be an awkward story told with a sense of frustration, a sense of hope and with high praise for scheming intelligence, planning and virtue.
This is a very clever, though slow moving movie.
At the end, I decided the movie is so slow moving because it is building up to a surprise ending.
I am glad that I sat through the entire movie so that I can report to you that this is a new kind of movie, a feminist movie, a woman power movie.
It is a very clever movie.
It is a film that is a work of the art of film making whose artistic redeeming value is it’s surprise ending.
It is difficult to have a surprise ending.
This movie has a surprise ending.


One best part of the movie to me was a dramatic display of good old fashion virtue by the Italian Mafia Boss of Brooklyn in his handling of a creepy husband who tried to sell-out his wife.
Another best part of the movie to me was the reaction of the female Irish Mafia Mob Boss (Kathy, played by Melissa McCarthy) to being told that a contract had been put out on her and her two co-Irish Mafia Mob Bosses (Ruby, played by Tiffany Haddish, and Claire, played by Elisabeth Moss).


THE KITCHEN is a violent movie that has one scene that for most people will be an educational scene.

In this scene, Claire is taught how to dismember a man (her husband who she has just shot) so that his body will sink and not float when placed in the East River.


Everything Has A Cost – For Example, You Must Lose A Fly to Catch A Trout

If you want to see movies made by major film studios about how stupid men are, movies about the daily frustration of being a female, if you want movies that strongly and dramatically portray a feminist point of view, you should go see this movie.

Unless you buy a ticket to see this movie, movie studies like Warner Bros. will stop making this kind of movie.


Although I originally thought this movie has no redeeming value because it is about how stupid men are and about how brutish and awful men can be, after thinking about this movie for 24 hours I came to realize if we want to have movies that express the frustration of being a woman today, we must pay to see movies like this one.

This movie is a one of a kind movie, a new kind of movie, a woman power movie.

The end of the movie is an intriguing revelation, a surprise ending that makes you realize you did not understand why what happened throughout the movie happened.



The women in this movie had all the spark and life beaten out of them, until their husbands were sent to prison.


In this movie we see one of the mobster husbands frequently beating his wife Claire before he was sent to prison.

Things are different after their husbands get out of prison.

In one scene, she Claire (played convincingly by Elisabeth Moss) shoots and kills her husband when he tries to beat her up after he gets out of prison, then Claire cuts him up, breaks his bones and punctures his lungs so he will fit in the truck of her car and sink when Claire dumps him in the East River.

We later learn Claire’s husband beat Claire while she was pregnant causing a miscarriage.


In one after their husbands get out of prison, we see Ruby (a powerful brilliantly scheming intelligent black woman, played by Tiffany Haddish) while having an argument with her white Irish Mobster Husband, tell her husband that during their entire long marriage she only had three orgasms, the rest of the time she had sex with him she faked having an orgasm.

In a later scene, after she has been informed that her husband has been killed by a gang of Italian mobsters she (Ruby) and Claire and Kathy paid to kill Ruby’s husband and Claire’s husband, we see Ruby tenderly kissing her dead husband’s forehead while inspecting his dead body lying on their bed.


In my opinion, the first good scene in this movie happens more than half way through the movie, when the Italian Mafia Boss in control of Brooklyn tells Kathy, Ruby and Claire that a $75,000 contract has been offered by the Irish Mob Boss of Hell’s Kitchen to kill them.

Kathy replies: We will pay you $100,000 to kill the Irish Mob Boss and his underlings – including Ruby’s and Claire’s husbands.



This is a woman power movie and a black woman power movie.

The most intelligent person in this movie is the Black Woman Ruby.

There is a surprise ending that reveals the power the black woman Ruby had over the fate of everybody.


This movie is a about women who take charge.

They solve their own problems through their cleverness, ingenuity and hard work.

These women are a salty crew.

They are not flat boring cardboard characters.


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Politicially Incorrect Film Reviews: THE ART OF SELF-DEFENSE

Gary : August 5, 2019 5:36 am : blog

(a movie review by Gary Smolker, movie and values critic)


“The Art of Self-Defense” is being hailed as an offbeat sinister dark comedy classic.

Many of the scenes in this movie are gruesome.

As I watched this movie, on the big screen in a movie theater, I became more and more repulsed and kept asking myself: “What is this movie about?”

This movie is a criticism of the power structure in our society.


“The Art of Self-Defense” is a feminist movie.

This movie is a criticism of masculinity.

The story told in “The Art of Self-Defense” is a very strong a criticism of our male dominated hierarchical society, of our society in which symbols – such as what you wear – denote who and what your are.

“The Art of Self-Defense” is a cry of protest in the fictionalized world of male hereditary privilege and power shown on the screen, a dramatically cruel and unfair world where a woman can not earn a black belt in Karate because she is a woman.


“The Art of Self-Defense” takes toxic male masculinity to absurd extremes with no discussion of the rising power of women in contemporary society; makes no reference to the political battles women have won that give them preferential treatment under the law, lower standards for hiring, and control of what men may legally say.


I know a woman who has a black belt in Karate.


This movie is a wake-up call for men who are not aware that women are winning the battle of the sexes for privileges and power because they are fighting hard and men act as if they don’t know there is a public relations battle for political power going on.


The movie begins with a scene of the main character being mugged at night by a motorcycle gang while on his way home from shopping for dog food for his pet, a small cute Dachshund.

The main character (played by Jesse Eisenberg) is a timid bookkeeper whose name is Casey.

To protect himself, after being mugged, Casey attempts to purchase a pistol.

He goes to a store that sells guns.

When he attempts to purchase a pistol, Casey is told that he has to apply for permission to purchase a gun, fill out forms, and wait for his application to be approved.

Frustrated by his inability to purchase a pistol, Casey joins a neighborhood karate studio to learn how to protect himself.

As the story progresses, we learn that the head karate instructor Sensei is a sick sadistic person.

Sensei ran the motorcycle gang that attacked Casey.

We also learn that one of Casey’s fellow karate students – a woman – brown belt Anna (played by Imogen Poots) saved Casey’s life.

Anna was on the scene as a member of the motorcycle gang that mugged Case.

Anna saved Casey’s life by pretending to hear police sirens.

She told the other gang members to stop beating up Casey and to flee because the police were coming, she heard police sirens.

After Casey joins the karate studio, movie focuses on the tortuous activities of the head karate instructor Sensei who on the side leads a motorcycle gang that mugs people who are walking alone at night.

A hierarchical fraternity – lead by Sensei – consisting of karate students both practices karate, take karate lessons in the karate studio, and at night as a member of a motorcycle gang attacks people walking alone.

The movie is about the interactions between members of that fraternity.

In those interactions toxic masculinity is taken to absurd extremes.

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Film Review: Stuber and the lessons for men and women

Gary : July 17, 2019 7:14 am : blog, Uncategorized

The movie STUBER poses as a madcap comedy about a relentless cop tracking down a drug dealer with the help of an UBER driver who the policeman kidnapped.

    STUBER is really a tender love story about the fragile relationship the policeman has with his daughter.
    STUBER fantastically presents human dynamics.
    The daughter feels her father doesn’t care about her because he constantly ignores her while relentlessly pursuing criminals.
  There are two lessons here.
    LESSON FOR WOMEN: The fact your father or boyfriend or spouse ignores you doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you deeply.
       LESSON FOR MEN:   Men: Make the important woman in your life feel your are exclusive and she is extremely important to you. Women desperately need emotion security.  Women don’t have emotional security unless the man in her life makes her feel she is important to him.
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Love And Fulfillment In Love: Just a thought

Gary : April 3, 2019 10:32 am : Afterglow, blog

Dear ReaderThere are two reasons people “love” their boyfriend girlfriend spouse:

*They find out who they are while “loving” the other person.

*Loving the other person fulfills them.

WOMAN: When a man is with the right woman they are caught together in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth.

They are gifted with an extension of senses everyone else has lost or never attained; they begin living by voices we shall never hear. \

They fill up each other’s senses. They entice each other to #explore in a way they never have before.



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About Caviar

Gary : March 13, 2019 7:09 am : Afterglow, blog

It is important for a gentleman to properly distinguish the traditional use of the word Caviar from the present common use of the word/name (noun) Caviar.
Is Caviar a noun or an adjective?

For my own education, and out of curiosity, I will look into the origin of the pink “food” called Caviar I was eating on a cracker yesterday morning.


I have been on two new intensely exciting adventures since the end of last year:

  • an high speed emotionally and intellectual intense new growing relationship adventure of exchanging acts of love with one woman and
  • an intense culinary adventure of eating meals and dishes she chooses. She often prepares food dishes and meals, brings me delectable things to eat that I have never tasted before and orders things to eat and drink for me when we go out.

She has lived a multicultural life since the day she was born.

Being with her every day is like being on a never ending “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland.


My female friend loves to discuss recipes.

I am sure without having any ingredients nearby, she is very capable of tasting and smelling the ingredients in the dishes someone else is preparing and she is instantly able to discuss the final product.

Last night she explained to me how to prepare asparagus – while I was cooking dinner for the two of us.

While talking to me she sliced a banana, put whipped cream and chocolate sauce on the banana slices and put each slice of banana on a graham cracker.

She munched on that treat while dinner was being prepared.



She told me there are two types of people in the world:

+ Those who have played SCRABBLE with her and lost; and

+The rest of the world.

But now back to caviar-

Caviar (less often, caviare) is a delicacy consisting of salt-cured roe of the Acipenseridae family. The roe can be “fresh” (non-pasteurized) or pasteurized, with pasteurization reducing its culinary and economic value.[1]

The rarest and most expensive form of caviar comes from the critically endangered beluga sturgeon that swims in the Caspian Sea

The pair of shoes in the photograph below is a tooth brush holder.

The other photos below are of my breakfast this morning.

Crackers with a light dab of butter covered with a stack of caviar

Lox (smoked salmon)


Red Onions



Cream Cheese

Lessons Learned:

You don’t have to go to Russia to eat Russian Caviar.

You don’t have to go out with the woman of your dreams to have a sexy experience.

Eating breakfast at home with the right lady is a sexy experience.

Being “together” anywhere doing anything with the right woman is a sexually fulfilling experience.

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On #Foreplay And #Afterglow- New Columns

Gary : February 26, 2019 10:24 am : Afterglow, blog

Dear ReaderBelow are two pictures to help your imagination.


Imagine a man entertaining a woman at his place.


He has Honey Crisp Apples.


He starts slicing an apple.


He puts the sliced apple on a plate.


Then he heats a bottle of chocolate syrup in the microwave.


Then he takes the bottle of hot chocolate syrup out of the microwave.


You can guess what happens next..


I highly recommend SANTA CRUZ organic CHOCOLATE flavored syrup.


By the way, “Open the flap before heating. Do not shake the hot bottle.”


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Men Can Cook

Gary : February 6, 2019 12:27 pm : blog

MEN CAN COOK Photo of tomatoes stuffed with cheese and crumbled Smoked Gouda Triscuit about to become stewed tomatoes then to be served with roast leg of lamb with pearl onions and red potatoes for homemade dinner tonight.

After we take the roast leg of lamb out of the over we are going to make rosemary based gravy. That is what I am having for dinner tonight in my apartment. Saturday night homemade dinner. After working ten hours in my office today.

We are also having honey carrots and garlic bread with our leg of lamb main course tonight. For dessert we are having baked apple.

BACHELOR RECIPE FOR BAKED APPLE: Cut and core apple then fill with red hots and a little cinnamon.

We are also having HONEY CARROTS and Garlic Bread

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Always Be Stylish- Even if you’re too scared to take a chance on relationships

Gary : February 4, 2019 12:22 am : blog

Many women have had their heartbroken by a man and don’t want that to happen again.
Consequences: They don’t cut themselves any slack or the menu men in their lives any slack. The least they can do if they want to be stylish is to always be wearing good shoes.

RESPONSE 1: “if you are going to kick my ass please be wearing good shoes.”’
RESPONSE 2: “Well, if a woman is going to rip your gills off, it is good that she is wearing great shoes!”

OBSERVATION: He has a look of terror as she is ripping his gills off! Women were not defenseless in vintage sci-fi; women are not defenseless today!

There is a natural kindness that many men possess.  
They like to help women.
They will help a woman no matter what the woman is wearing, no matter how the woman looks, or how well she is dressed.
There is no need for anyone to use their body to get things.
Some things are just kindly given.
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Life Without Art Is Useless

Gary : January 27, 2019 12:49 am : blog

Save urban wildlife.

There is art everywhere.

Life without Art is artless.

A zillion adventures begin/are set loose in your life when you travel.

Do you like coffee? Coffee originally came from Africa, it was first cultivated in Ethiopia. Let’s have a coffee in Zanzibar in the Zanzibar Coffee House. Zanzibar is a historical trade route.

There are lots of inexpensive hotels there.

And also: Life without art is artless


Wall art painted on walls of a multitude of buildings make Venice,. California especially, cool, hip and glamourous. Gary Smolker, Fashion Blogger

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The Feminization of Men (and Society)

Gary : January 19, 2019 4:33 pm : blog

We have a collective memory. Some people among us have experience memory  and  knowledge  embedded in their DNA when they are born from five generations hence. They have memory embedded in their DNA of things they “saw” before they were “born” and of things that they saw that will happen in the future.

They remember everything they hear including what they had heard before they were born.

More and more of them are amongst us. They are touchy feely and highly sensual.

NEWS FLASH: In a recent survey 99 out of 100 women said they want to be men in their next life.

This realization seems to provoke passionate responses from feminists and those who aren’t.

How does that survey/headline play into the “ME TOO MOVEMENT”, the “Feminist Movement”, the expression “PENIS ENVY.”?
Have you ever met a BITTER WOMAN?
Due to modern fertility technology – artificial insemination – Many women think they don’t need men in order to have a baby – and that men are basically sperm donators.
Have you ever heard this thought:: “The benefit of a relationship is not worth the effort necessary to have a relationship … not worth the effort.?
Have you ever heard this thought: “ Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”?
What percentage of the men think all women are crazy it is just a matter of degree?
I told a woman I would like to find a women just like my mother was.
She replied, “They don’t make them like that anymore.”
“OLD FASHIONED” AND “THIS AIN’T KANSAS TOTO” have a whole new meaning today.



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