Butt Ugly Shoe Alert Dec 24

Gary : December 24, 2016 11:18 pm : blog

WARNING: GRAPHIC! Pregnant women and children under three strongly discouraged from reading any further.

Lady Gaga Wearing Jeffrey Campbell heel-less platforms

Lady Gaga is changing her name to Lagy Gag-Me-with-your-hideous-shoes. (As you can see . . .).

Lady needs a real heel in her life, or two. And a long maned wig made of horse hair to complete that old mare look. Wow, I’m still trying to fully absorb this horror.


Apparently, evolutionary biologists claim that a horse hoof is an evolved big toenail that covers what remains of the foot horses used to have. Ugly shoes are now speeding up the evolution of women’s feet. Who knew?


And I nominate Jeffrey Campbell for his very own law in the U.S. Federal penal code- shoe crimes against humanity. Three months eating prison food and fighting over donuts with kidnappers and counterfeiters should be enough to deter this designer behavior in the future.

There is another view.

In Freud’s 1929 Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud’s basic view was/is that human nature is intrinsically antisocial — rooted in destructive, violent, and sexual drives.

Some people believe “conformity” defeats the “spirit” and turns people into passionless, droning automata.

Lady Gaga represents modern man’s and modern woman’s revolt against slow death by conformity.

Lady Gaga has rebel cool.

For Nobel Prize winning novelist and essayist Albert Camus (see Albert Camus’s The Rebel), the act of rebellion creates values, dignity, and solidarity.  Camus says, “I rebel, therefore we exist.”

CONTRAST, if possible, Lady Gaga with Madonna.  In the last three decades no cultural icon has created more controversy than Madonna.  In November 1984 her album Like A Virgin sealed her global recognition.

Madonna went on to become the best selling solo-artist of all times and would appear on Time’s 2010 list of  The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century.”  Coincidentally, she also topped Forbes’s list of the highest paid musicians of 2014, earning $125 million.

CONSIDER THESE THREE BANKABLE FACTS: [1] Women are more likely to consider themselves hipsters than men by a large margin, 16 percent to 4 percent.  [2] Women have a more favorable impressions of hipsters than man, 21 percent to 11 percent. [3] Women spend more money on musical entertainment then men.







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Butt Ugly Shoe Alert Dec 15

Gary : December 15, 2016 7:43 pm : blog

elle-fElle Fanning

Pretty girl. Horrendous, smegma-ugly shoes.

Don’t hate Elle Fanning for being born into stardom, for being an 18 year old worth $5 million-dollars-who-has-never-had-to-punch-a-timeclock-and-never-will (No,no,no,no,no,no,no . . .).

Don’t hate her for her genetic flat-iron hair dna that makes her wake up every morning with that good ‘do that only takes ten seconds out of her day while you and me gotta suffer with catty hair that won’t do as it’s told. No . . .

Elle must be hated for her willingness to bring such shoe ugliness into our lives to be preserved forever on the internet. I have a strong urge to snatch her butt ugly shoes and give them to my toddler nephew- he’ll mistake them for candy cane. Five minutes getting mauled by a three year old is just the improvement these shoes need.


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FEMALE PSYCHE – by Gary Smolker

Gary Smolker : December 6, 2016 7:57 am : blog

Guys, it is holiday gift giving season.



The sign above is in front of an organic nail salon on San Vicente Blvd. in the exclusive high priced fashionable Brentwood section of Los Angeles, California.

Think organic if that is your favorite woman’s frame of mind.

I know how to select and purchase the perfect gift for that special woman in your life.

You can be having a great time while doing that.

Read on.

There are stores selling organic products and/or providing organic services is all chic neighborhoods, in big cities and in small cities.


I took the photo above when I was in Pullman, Washington.

The Poppy  salon and spa is located at 80-150 N. Grand Avenue, Pullman, Washington.

“Organic” is a popular product description for most women everywhere.

From the rural countryside to the big city.

Pullman, Washington, for example, is a college down, located in rural countryside – located in the midst of a giant agricultural area.

But across the board, with women, women’s shoes are even more popular than the word “organic” attached to a product or service.

The Female Mind

From time to time, many men find it impossible to understand the intentions or the actions of females.

My very good friend Jason Fane recently sent me the following question.

“I was in a woman’s shoe department in a fancy store and saw some women’s dress shoes with many sharp spikes.  Why would a woman pay about $1,150 per pair and what message do they send?”

I quickly forwarded Jason’s question to my kitchen cabinet.

Gail, a high powered business executive in Northern California, gave me the most concise answer to Jason’s question.

“To be the center of attention..why else?  Negative attention can be just as good as positive attention to some.”

Libby, a 22 year old woman in my office who I work with, gave the most endearing answer.

“I saved my money and paid $1,000.00 to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for my older sister as a Christmas gift two years ago.  Although my older sister loves shoes she hasn’t worn them yet.  She is afraid to scuff them.  She is waiting to wear them when she graduates from law school this year.  My older sister believes Christian Louboutin shoes are the best.  A pair of Christian Louboutin shoes costs between $1,000 and $7,500.”

Alanna, a hypnotherapist who works in the celebrity intense entertainment industry, gave the following explanation.

“$1,150 shoes are not owned by normal women.  They are worn by women who are around money and not afraid to spend it.  Celebrities wear those kind of shoes in order to be fashion leaders, to set themselves apart.  The quality of the shoe and the materials used, make the celebrities who wear them stand out and effect how they feel about themselves and life.”

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I asked Jason to send me a picture of the shoes being referred to.

Below is a photograph of those shoes.


[That photograph was taken in the Neiman Marcus Store, Bal Harbor, in Bal Harbor, Florida.]

From personal experience I know those shoes would look very sexy on a Latina while night clubbing, while dancing Salsa and/or the Mambo.

Jason – who lives in the Northeast  – isn’t familiar with what hot blooded Latin women wear in warm climates.

The Female Psyche

What women wear depends upon what they want to accomplish.

Don’t Let Life Surprise You

Women’s shoes can be very sexy.

Women are expert at non-verbal communication.

Learn “shoe language.”

Below are photographs of a pair of shoes displayed in the following order: “Kiss My Feet Shoes” and “Come Over to My Place Tonight” and a pair of “I Want to Kiss and Be Kissed Soon, but I Can Wait Until Tonight”, I took at a local Gucci Store this evening.



Photo: “I Want to Be Kissed and Kissed Soon, but I Can’t Wait Shoes”


I will be happy to teach you how to understand women “shoe language.”

Regarding the Female Psyche

No woman has ever had enough shoes.

Chocolate is good but shoes are carb free.

The key to the universe is understanding women’s relationship with their shoes.

Women believe style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Women also believe: Although clothes aren’t going to change the world, the woman who wears them will.

Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes


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ADIDAS stands for “All Day I Dream About Sex.”

Gary Smolker : November 20, 2016 4:37 pm : blog

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Everyday is a fashion show.

The shoes and clothing people wear project an image of who they are to themselves and to everyone else who sees them.


But what does their closet look like?


There are more than 100 pair of Adidas tennis shoes on the floor in the closet shown above.

When he grew up in New York the owner of the Adidas tennis shoes pictured above believed cool people wear Adidas tennis shoes.

He still believes cool people wear Adidas tennis shoes.

When he got enough money he started purchasing Adidas Tennis Shoes and kept on doing so as he became more and more financially successful.

Obviously he has an organized mind.  Look at his closet now.


You can tell he is a successful person by looking at his closet.

Putting those same tennis shoes in the shoe rack pictured above makes those Adidas tennis shoes look like part of a piece of art.

You can imagine where he goes, what people think of him and what he does because he owns over a 100 pair of Adidas tennis shoes.

He wants to be “cool.”

He wants other people to think he is “cool.”

Being “Cool”

Many women want to be thought of as being “cool.”

In a woman’s mind every day is a fashion show.

Women need to wear the right pair of shoes with their clothes.

Fashion conscious women need a different pair of shoes to wear with each outfit.

The more clothes women own the more shoes they need, unless they only wear black shoes.

Life Is Simple When You Only Wear One Type of Shoe

The man who owns those Adidas tennis shoes has made things simpler.

In the normal course of events he is going to wear Adidas tennis shoes wherever he goes.

Being A Fashion Conscious Woman Is More Complicated

Depending on who they are and how much they care about their appearance, the more events a woman goes to the more pairs of shoes she needs.

Sending A Message

Women know women and men’s clothing is a statement sending a message.

Fashion “insiders” know that Adidas stands for “all I think about all day is sex.”

The man who owns those Adidas tennis shoes is sending a subtle coded message to other “cool” people.


Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes

Gary S. Smolker, publisher, movie reviewer, social commentator
Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog

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Being Disorganized Is A Hassle and A Bad Omen… – by Gary S. Smolker

Gary Smolker : November 18, 2016 7:05 am : blog

People who live intensely collect things — women collect shoes; men collect cars; both men and women collect paintings and sculpture.

Contemporary Living

Shoes are a potent emblem of contemporary living.

Shoes transport us physically and psychologically.

A gorgeous woman wearing a pair of sexy red open toe high heel shoes has a psychological effect.

The shoes you wear send a message.

Artistic Expression

Beautiful women are an important part of the shoe design and making equation; beautiful women enable shoe makers to realize striking designs that might have been impractical for mass production.

On a beautiful woman the basic shape and styling of a shoe might attract our attention first.

For example see the series of photographs I took of a woman I met in a Cafe on Ventura Blvd. in Encino, California.



Having A Multitude of Shoes In Your Home Like Having An Art Collection In Your Home

If your shoes are in a closet that is a mess more likely than not the rest of your life is a mess too, and will continue to be a mess as long as your closet is a mess.

Mayhem is mayhem.

Don’t be like a bird that voluntarily cages itself.

Be organized.

Minimize hassles.

There is a price to pay for being disorganized.

A Disorganized Closet

Below is a picture of a disorganized closet with more than 100 pairs of Adidas shoes on the floor.

Shoes on the floor block access to cloths hanging on poles.

The owner of the shoes shown in that closet told me the following.

  • “Keeping track of which shoes you own is a problem.
  • “Being able to see all the shoes you own at one time can become impossible.
  • “Storing and displaying your shoes in the minimal amount of floor space in an organized fashion in a clothes closet is a challenge I have solved.
  • “I solved the problem by building a six foot high shoe rack and putting the majority of my shoes in the shoe rack.
  • “Before I solved that problem I had so many shoes on the floor of my closet that I couldn’t get access to my clothes in my closet without climbing over or through many shoes.
  • “It was impractical (a huge hassle) to get to the clothes in my closet.”

Below is the photograph that man sent me of how his closet used to look.

The owner of those shoes told me that at one point, he had to step over three feet of shoes laying on the floor in his closet in order to get to his clothes.
It got to the point that he stopped getting clothing out of his closet and instead began to wear something different that was in one of his drawers.

An Organized Closet

To solve this problem he installed a six foot high rack containing nine seven foot long shelves depicted in the photograph below.
Instead of having more than 100 pair of shoes on the floor of his closet he now has 30 pair of shoes on the floor in his closet and the rest of his shoes in a six foot high shoe rack.  See photograph below.



Final Report

“After  getting the rack to hold my shoes and organize the situation, everything became like shopping ever morning.
“I was able to see and read everything that I had and that was available.  Also I was able to keep track of everything I had so I could buy different and new shoes that wouldn’t overlap one another.
“Always having a variety is what was key.”

 Keeping Track of Shoes Owned

Knowing which shoes you own is a problem faced by many people.

Fashion, style, glamour and appearance conscious people who have enough money to buy an endless number of new shoes constantly buy new shoes.
If they impulsively buy a pair of “new” shoes they might find that they have bought another pair of the same style and color of shoes they already own.

Obsession vs Connoisseurship


A friend told me the man who owns those shoes either works for Adidas or has a considerable obsession.

I disagree.

Men and women appreciate beauty differently.

Women are into what they wear…. they are into the shoes, handbags, jewelry and clothes they wear.

Women are more appearance, fashion, beauty, and style conscious then men.

Many types and styles of women’s shoes are exquisitely designed works of art.


That is one of the reasons women own more shoes then men.

You need not have ever sat behind the wheel of a car to be enraptured by one.

Men Collect Cars

Men consider cars to be an art object – the consummate work of decorative art for the modern age.

Cars As An Art Object

Men are into cars.

Designer Ralph Lauren has a classic car collection.

A fine car represents status, power, celebrity, freedom and a lot more.


Ralph Lauren’s classic car collection was exhibited at the Museum of Fine Art, Boston.

On exhibit were twenty-nine automobiles which display his personal taste.

Popularity and Mass Appeal of Cars

Do not underestimate the world-wide appeal and popularity of fast cars, the world-wide appeal and popularity of race cars and/or the popularity of car racing.

Formula One racing is now one of the most popular sports in the world.

Mercedes team driver Lewis Hamilton is the fourth highest paid athlete in the world, with an annual salary exceeding that of Serena Williams, LeBron James, and Phil Mickelson combined.

Mercedes’ Formula One team has an annual budget of $467 million, and employs 700 full tie people in a new 15 acre Formula One Compound.  In staggered shifts, the employees work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, designing, and constructing two cars that will be raced in the current Formula One season.

Each year 250,000 working hours are put into designing the vehicles, and 200,000 hours working hours are put into production.  And this is just one team.

Each Formula One race is broadcast throughout the world, attracting an annual viewership of 500 million.  The NFL, by contrast, peaks at 200 million.


A good thing about collecting shoes is you can wear them.

A good thing about collecting cars is you can drive them.

You can enjoy their visual qualities and you can use them.

They are highly functional works of beauty.


What a person collects represents their sophistication, wealth, sense of style and taste.

What a person collects creates their aura and presence.

You are what you wear.

You are what you drive.


Everyone wants to own something that will carry them away, something that is an entry into other worlds.

Everyone want to own something that is endearing in some way.

That is why we collect shoes, clothes, cars and other things.



Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude’s Guide to Women’s Shoes

Gary S. Smolker, publisher, movie reviewer, social commentator
Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange

INSTAGRAM: garyspassion

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Gary Smolker : October 29, 2016 4:32 pm : blog

Donald Trump Meets the Statute of Liberty

My question to you is: What do you think is being communicated in the cartoon (below) showing Donald Trump meeting the Statute of Liberty?


My take on that cartoon is:

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Anais Nin

The Pursuit of Happiness In the United States

The comments and jokes the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has elicited proves to me that we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.

My question to you is: What social trend do you think the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States represents?

I invite you to post your social comment on the role of women and/or on why Donald Trump won the election and/or why Hillary Clinton lost the election at the end of this blog post or or at the end of a similar post on the Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog at www.garysmolker.wordpress.com or send your social comment directly to me at GSmolker@aol.com.

My question is: Why are so many people in the United States unhappy?

Did Hillary Clinton lose the election because the people who vote in the United States

  • (A) are not ready to have a woman President or
  • (B) because they are unhappy or
  • (C) Hillary Clinton did not follow the secret rules for how a girl/woman is supposed to behave and Donald Trump followed the secret rules for how boys/men are supposed to behave, or
  • (D) Hillary Clinton is not hip, and
  • (E) Donald Trump is hip, or
  • (F) For some other reason?

My question is: What is the role of women in the United States?

Speaking out is healthy.

You are welcome to be “real” by letting people reading this post know your opinion and point of view.

Being Smart Is Complicated

Life is a path.

Enjoy the Ride of Reading the Correspondence I Had with Cartoonist Eric Teitelbaum About the Pursuit of Happiness and Being Hip in the United States. You are Invited to Read that Correspondence Over My Shoulder.

I have known Eric Teitelbaum since we were in the 8th Grade together at Nellie N. Kaufman Junior High School in Palm Springs, California.

Although I was funnier and more of a cut-up than Eric, Eric grew up to become an internationally famous cartoonist and my consultant on how to be hip.

On October 24, 2016, i posted a movie review of “Nocturnal Animals” on my Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog at https://garysmolker.com/a-comment-on-visionary-tom-fords-newest-movie-nocturnal-animals-by-gary-smolker/ and notified Eric that I had done so.

I posted a recent picture of myself at the end of that email.


I then asked Eric:

  • “What is your definition of “hip” and
  • Why is it desirable to be hip?”
  • Why are so many of ‘hip’ people not satisfied with their lives?’


Eric commented on my “Uncool Appearance” in an email reply.

I then asked Eric if he is a perfectionist workaholic provocateur.

See copy of exchange of emails below.

On Oct 26, 2016 8:09 AM, “Gary Smolker” <gsmolker@aol.com> wrote:


Are you a perfectionist workaholic provocateur?

Check our the excerpt below from my post (posted last night on Dude’s Guide to Women’s Shoes at www.dudesguidetowomensshoes.dom) titled WHEN WOMEN HAVE A MESSAGE TO SEND THEY FLAUNT IT.
Below is an excerpt from a post on Dude’s Guide to Women’s Shoes posted on October 25, 2016.
That woman is wearing high heels.
Look at her high heels.
Look at her good looking body.
Are the pictures above charged with erotic frisson?
Check out my entire piece on the role of woman titled WHEN WOMEN HAVE A MESSAGE TO SEND THEY FLAUNT IT, posted last night on Dudes Guide to Women’s Shoes at www.dudesguidetowomensshoes.com
By the way, don’t forget to ride a motorcycle.

The Secret Rules

THE WORLD’S SECRET RULES FOR BOYS/MEN: Emotions are forbidden, that to be a successful boy a boy needs to ‘buck up and be a man.’  Every day boys are on a field or on a court or in the street or an empty lot playing sports.  Body to body that is how boys feel seen, known loved.  Boys build their identity with their bodies. A boys whole life is a retreat into his body.  Boys understand “love” to be the joining of two bodies.  For many men, a woman’s body is a toy he likes to play with.

THE WORLD’S SECRET RULES FOR GIRLS/WOMEN: The world wants women to be small, quiet, and uncomplicated and not to grow to big, loud and complex. The rules, of course, are: Thinness is Beauty. Beauty is Power.  Power is being chosen by the Boys.

Smart Is More Complicated than Beautiful.

Hillary Clinton didn’t follow those rules.

That is why so many smart women got behind Hillary Clinton.

Daughters Are A Smart Dad’s Victory

That is why so many smart loving fathers who have smart daughters got behind Hillary Clinton.

Respect for Secret Rules of Social Conduct

In the real world, men and women follow those rules.

Human Consequences of Following Secret Rules of Social Conduct

  • Following those rules is one of the many reasons relationships between men and women don’t work more.
  • Because many voters believe in and follow those those rules Donald Trump won the election to be the next President of the United States.

Many people consider Donald Trump to be a healthy successful grown-up because he follows/followed those “secret rules.”

Many people do not consider Hillary to be a healthy successful grown-up because Hillary did not follow and does not follow the “secret rules.”

Eric Is An Artist

I know artists work when they feel like working.
I know artists do what they feel like doing when they fell like doing it.
Below is a picture of the type of motorcycle I told Eric I have in mind for Eric.

Life Is More Artistic Than Art Can Ever Be

Warmest regards,


Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes

Gary S. Smolker, publisher, movie reviewer, social commentator
Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog

Eric’s First Reply

“Yo Gary!

“Stop worrying — You are HIP!…but you even appear more HIP by looking less UNCOOL…

“Here’s the secret sauce:

  • Hire a stunt double to stand in for all your photos … (maybe a Ryan Seacrest type…I hear he works cheap!)
  • Get some work done— Maybe a little face, neck, rhino or liposuction…(all the while announcing on your web site that you intend to age gracefully)
  • Commit a minor crime…then in lieu of rehab. appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars!’

“Trust me, Gary, it just may work.

“In good humor,

Eric, Eric Teitelbaum, Cartoonist:  “The Pink Panther Comox”, “Buttomliners”, and “The New Yorker”

Eric’s Second and Further Reply

To my good friend Gary,

I love the ‘lighter side’ as much as you do…btw: great motorcycle! 🙂


Today’s political gag:



“So many Celebrities are threatening to move to Canada that most Canadians are threatening to move to Alaska.”


Once upon a time the hidden truest rules for how to matter as a girl were:

  • Be Thin.
  • Be Pretty.
  • Be Quiet.
  • Be In vulnerable.
  • Be Popular by Following the Powerful Boys’ Lead.
  • Do not disrupt the universe with any of your feelings or your questions.

Are those still the rules?


On October 29, 2016, my friend Mayer Horn sent me a copy of an October 27, 2016  “New York Times” article titled “A SCULPTOR REAPS THE REWARDS OF ART DEALS BROKERED IN THE BEDROOM.”

The gist of the article is that artist Skye Ferrante makes wire portrait sculptures of nude women that are then sold by the women “models” and Skye to these women’s lovers and/or clients. Sky and the models share the proceeds 50:50.

According to the article one customer said, the sculptures he bought was beautifully constructed. “Its depiction of the woman, her hair unruly and her eyes closed, was abstract enough for anyone to appreciated, but realistic enough that he – though not his wife – could still recognize her.”

The buyer also said that his wife liked the sculpture, “…adding quickly that she ‘doesn’t know anything about it.'”

Some of the sculptures have been displayed in the buyers’ homes, with few who saw them knowing what had inspired them.

After reading this article, my reply to Mayer was:

“Great article.

“Who hasn’t given a gift to such a woman – a woman who is a rock star among rock stars?

“Better yet, who hasn’t received a gift from such a woman?”

Did Hillary Clinton lose the election because compared to how masculine Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton wasn't/isn't feminine enough to be the first female President of the United States?

Did Hillary lose the election because she didn't wear high heels?

Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes

Gary S. Smolker, publisher, movie reviewer, social commentator
Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog


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When Women Have A Message to Send They Flaunt It

Gary Smolker : October 26, 2016 4:21 am : blog

Women are very dramatic.

Women throw out a symbol when they want to connect to a man’s soul.

A woman in high heels is an image leading the male viewer to a dimension in which she will engage him.

Is Life More Dramatic Than Art Or Is Art More Dramatic Than Life?

What do you think the cartoon below is communicating?


My favorite comment on art is:

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Anais Nin


Women Wearing High Heels Are Making A High Impact Social Statement

Highly impactful messages are being sent by women wearing high heels.

Below are photographs of two pieces of art (sculptures) in which women wearing high heels are making high impact social statements.

The Southern California Every Home Has A Swimming Pool and All Women Wear Sun Glasses Scene

Below are two photographs I took this morning of a sculpture of a woman wearing sunglasses, a bikini bathing suit with no top on but wearing a bikini bottom, and who is wearing high heels while sun bathing on a raft floating in the back-yard swimming pool of Frederick R. Weisman’s Mediterranean style villa in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles.




Look at how fat she is.

Look at how unhealthy she looks.

She is conspicuously not sexual; she is conspicuously not sexy.

People who believe “if you have it flaunt it, if you don’t cover it up” will think that sculpture is disgusting.

The TV Room

There is a TV Room in Mr. Frederick’s Villa.

The TV Room in Mr. Frederick’s villa has one table.

The table in Mr. Frederick’s TV room is a ” sculpture” with a beautiful woman at its base.

The beautiful woman has a table top on her back.

This table is in front of a couch and a love seat.

Below is a photograph of that piece of sculpture in front of the couch and love seat in the TV Room in Mr. Frederick’s  home.

Notice that women is wearing high heels.


Below is a stand alone picture of that table.

Look at her high heels.

Look at her good looking body.


The women in that sculpture is conspicuously sexual.

Is that table a symbol of the role of women in society?

Some people will fantasize that she is kneeling on all fours and looking straight ahead (like an animal) awaiting a command.


Social Commentary

Are the women depicted in those two sculptures social commentaries

  • (1) on the role of women in society as sexual objects,
  • (2) on a the great number of sexually frustrated men that see women as symbols of desire,
  • (3) on the despair that there are a great number of flabby people, (is the woman on the raft a symbol of overfed fat unhealthy Americans,
  • (4) is the woman as a piece of furniture a commentary on the expectation that the role of a woman is to be a supporting figure?

Artists Create Things The Rest of Us Get To Be Amazed By

Artists do what they want to do when they want to.

They live in their own bubble.

But, they create things that the rest of us get to be amazed by.

Mr. Frederick has over 400 amazing museum quality works of art in his Holmby Hills home, including hand painted motorcycles.


Below are photographs I took this morning of a motorcycle – which became a work of art stored upstairs in a room in Mr. Frederick’s villa after it was hand painted by an artist Mr. Frederick commissioned to paint it.







Life Is More Artistic Than Art Can Ever Be

Women are collectors.

Women collect shoes because they are committed to art and beauty.

A wonderful thing about women’s shoes is that there are amazingly beautiful shoes at all price levels.

Sometimes women buy a pair of shoes, wear that pair of shoes once or twice and never wear that pair of shoes again.


  • Life is is not only stranger than fiction, it is stranger than fashion.
  • That is why women will always be buying new shoes.
  • Don’t try to understand women’s commitment to art and beauty.
  • Just take it as a given that women will always be buying new shoes.
Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes

Gary S. Smolker, publisher, movie reviewer, social commentator
Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog



Moving On Because New Shoes Have to Come In

Gary Smolker : October 22, 2016 4:48 pm : blog

The biggest problem a woman eventually has is running our of space to put new shoes because new shoes have to come in.

500 Plus Shoes

Yesterday I met a woman who told me she has more than five hundred shoes in her closet.

Her shoes are organized by shoe color.

Each shoe color has its own separate shelf.

Her husband built and installed a separate shelf in her closet which enables her to store her shoes that way.

On the left side of each shelf is the shoe or are the shoes with the lowest heel, or no heel.  As you proceed right on each shelf the heel size becomes bigger.

That is her Dewy Decimal System of shoe organization.

She keeps on buying new shoes.

Her biggest problem is deciding which shoes to get “rid-of” because she has to make room for the new shoes she has she is going to purchase.

Another problem is deciding who to give her “give-away-shoes” to.

This woman loves her husband.

Dewy Decimal Systems of Shoe Organization

Another women I know stores her shoes in clear plastic boxes in her closet.

Each pair of her shoes is in its own clear plastic box.

She has taken a picture of each pair of shoes with her smart phone and pasted the picture on the pair of shoes that is inside the clear plastic box on the outside of the clear plastic box so she will know which pair of shoes is in each box.

Another woman friend of mine tried that method of storing her shoes — but ran into a problem.

When she got rid of a pair of shoes she couldn’t cleanly remove the picture of that pair of shoes she had pasted on the outside of the clear plastic box in which she had kept those shoes.

Inevitably when she goes shopping she will wonder if she already owns a pair of the pair of shoes she wants to purchase.

Old Unworn Shoe Syndrome

Sometimes, when a shoe does not get worn for a long time

  • The shoe “dries out.”
  • The glue binding different parts of the shoe becomes unglued.
  • That causes the women who is wearing the shoe to flop around in the shoe when she tries to wear and walk around in that old shoe.


If you want a woman to love you, install a separate shelf for each of the multitude of colors of her shoes so that she may store all shoes of one color on their own separate shelf in her closet.

If you want to make a “fortune” figure out an advanced inventory system for women to use to keep track of each shoe they wear, what it looks like, when it was purchased, the last time it was worn, how often it was worn.

Turn the shoe inventory system you have “invented” into an “app” and sell or license use of the app.

Below is a photograph of one women’s “shoe closet.”

There is a door to her shoe closet that opens and closes.

She also has shoes on the floor beneath her shoe closet.

And, she also has a hanging bag full of shoes in her closet



Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes

Gary S. Smolker, publisher, movie reviewer, social commentator
The Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog



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Marry Well and Divorce Better

Gary Smolker : October 21, 2016 3:55 pm : blog

We Are Living In A Marry Well, Divorce Better Society

Yesterday a receptionist in a doctor’s office asked me what made me start the Dude’s Guide to Women’s Shoes blog.

I replied:

  • A man I know told me he bought a pair of high heel shoes for his girl friend to wear at a party.
  • I thought that was remarkable.
  • I then asked the first woman I saw how she would feel if her boyfriend bought her a pair of high heel shoes.
  • She answered: “That is adorable.  I would appreciate it.”

A lady sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office commented: “That is creepy.”

Then the receptionist asked me :

“Is he still buying her stuff?”

“Was he buying her stuff before he bought her high heels?”

“How long were they going out when he bought her the shoes?”

“How long until they broke up?”

I answered: They are still a couple.

The the receptionist asked:

  • “Is he older than his girl-friend?
  • “Is he a lot older than her?”

I answered: He is a lot older than his girl-friend.

The woman sitting in the waiting room interjected:

  • “That makes sense.”
  • “Everyone knows women are mining men for personal gain.”
  • “Men are willing to be ‘Sugar Daddies’ for sex.”

The receptionist added:

“My motto is marry well and divorce better.”

“If I had enough money I would buy gladiator high heels.”

“The ones I would like to buy cost one or two thousand dollars.”

TAKEAWAY: One way to a woman’s heart is through her shoes.

Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes

P.S. Check out my post titled "HOW TO GROW THE ECONOMIC PIE FOR EVERYONE" posted on the Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange Blog on October 14, 2016 at https://garysmolker.wordpress.com/2016/10/14/growing-the-pie-by-gary-smolker/
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Good Taste Is It’s Own Reward

Gary Smolker : October 18, 2016 9:57 pm : blog

I gave my personal assistant a pair of Muk Luk Slippers as a gift when I returned from a recent trip to Ouray, Colorado.

She immediately thanked me and told me I have good taste.

A day latter she sent me the following photos and text message describing what happened immediately after she brought her Muk Luk Slippers home.

He Stole My Slippers



“Carlos stole my slippers.  He says they are fabulous.”  —

That is the nicest thank you and the nicest compliment I’ve ever received.

Gary Smolker, fashion blogger
Dude's Guide to Women's Shoes




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Be A Hero for Under $15.00 – Thrill the Women in Your Life

Gary Smolker : October 17, 2016 1:41 am : blog


Look at the pictures of Muk Luk Slippers below.





Women love Muk Luk Slippers.

The pictures above are of a pair of Muk Luk Slippers photographed in my living room.

I purchased the above pair of Muk Luk Slippers for myself and also purchased a separate pair in different colors with different patterns as individual gifts for each of the four women I work with in my office and also purchased a pair for each of my three daughters.

Everyone reported back to me that they love the Muk Luck Slippers I gave them.

They cost under $15 each.

QUESTION: How did I know Muk Luk Slippers exist?

ANSWER: I saw the above Muk Luk Slippers at a store (the Silver Lynx) in Ouray, Colorado while on a trip to photograph the “fall colors.”

When I got back to Los Angeles from Ouray, Colorado, I purchased the Muk Luck Slippers over the phone, in a phone conversation with the owner of the Silver Lynx, whom I had met on my trip to Ouray.

Mary Carkin, the owner of the Silver Lynx, is a very pleasant person.

You can order them from Mary over the phone at 970-325-4101.

For further information contact Mary via email correspondence at lynx@sliverlynxouray.com. or go to the Silver Lynx website: www.silverlynnxouray.com.

Gary Smolker, fashion blogger

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Enjoy the Female Mindset

Gary Smolker : October 4, 2016 5:03 am : blog

I keep finding myself surrounded by high spirited women whose mindsets drive them to live exceedingly stimulating adventuresome lives.

Rocky Mountain High

I spent a long weekend, from September 28 to October 3, 2016 high up in the Rocky Mountains in and around Ouray, Colorado.

There are no direct flights to Ouray from California or from Ouray to California.

To get back to California, I flew out of a small airport in Grand Junction, Colorado to Las Vegas, and then from Las Vegas to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California. more »

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Stunningly Attired Gorgeous Women

Gary Smolker : September 27, 2016 6:00 pm : blog


If you want to see gorgeous women stunningly attired go to the Toronto International Film Festival, which is held in the City of Toronto, in Canada, in September, each year.

Below are two pictures I took of the gorgeous woman sitting next to me in the Ryerson Theatre at noon on September13, 2016, as we were awaiting and just before the International Premier screening of “Bleed for This.”


Look at the shoes, the Gladiator Sandals, she is wearing.



By the way, “Bleed for This” is a fabulous movie.

It is one of my three favorite movies seen at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.


My most recent post on the “Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange” blog is about the interplay between gorgeous women stunningly attired and turning the human mind into a machine for making the world a better place to live for everyone.


Men, it is our duty to help women in their quest to be beautiful.

In order to effectively and efficiently do so we must enhance our aesthetic sensibility.

Me writing, and you reading, Dudes Guide to Women’s Shoes will help us do that.


Below are copies of three of the photographs of stunningly attired gorgeous women that appear at https://garysmolker.wordpress.com/2016/09/26/my-perspective-by-gary-s-smolker/, in the most recent post of the “Gary S. Smolker Idea Exchange” blog.

The four women pictured below are gorgeous and are made stunningly gorgeous by their tasteful attire.





The strong take from the weak.

But, the smart take from the strong.


In general adult women are smarter then adult men.

The reason for that is that women, from the moment they are little girls, are taught to plan ahead.

They plan which shoes they are going to wear with whatever they are going to wear that day, before getting dressed and going out in the world.

Gary Smolker, fashion blogger

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Any Man Can Give Diamonds to that Special Woman in His Life. Be A Real Man And Give Her A Pair of Shoes That Are A Work of Art.

Gary Smolker : September 20, 2016 11:31 pm : blog


In the future you will be able to find a special pair of shoes to give to that special woman in your life right here on Dudes Guide to Women’s Shoes, www.dudesguidetowomensshoes.com, at a hug and kiss price.

Q: How did that come about?

A: My very good, and distinguished, friend Susan Phillips-Moskowitz informed me yesterday (September 19, 2016):

  • That a pair of her Stuart Weitzman shoes are now too tight;
  • When Susan puts them on Susan feels like Cinderella’s stepsister trying to put on the glass slipper.
  • Susan can put them on but they are too tight for walking.
  • Susan would like to sell those shoes on Dudes Guide to Women’s Shoes.
  • By the way, Susan has superb taste.

Below is a photograph of Susan’s fancy shoes.

Susan bought those shoes two years ago at the Stuart Weitzman store in NYC and has worn them twice.

Susan’s inability to wear her shoes shown below could become your gain.


By the way,

  • My friend Susan, lives near San Francisco.
  • Susan has world-class good taste based on her world travels and being surrounded by some of the most creatively productive people in the world: Susan, is a doll; Susan is a fashionista; Susan is a brilliant balanced woman, and a great friend.
  • Susan is a frequent world traveler.

In addition to founding and running Mrs. Moskowitz’s Munchies (an extremely creative enterprise) Susan also knits and sells baby hats and upholstery.

Below is a photograph of some of the hats and upholstery knitted and sold by Susan.


You can find out more about Susan at www.mrsmoskowitzsmunchies.com.


By the way, Susan advised me yesterday (September 19, 2016):

“If I sell on your guide I don’t want to accept any returns.  They are size 8 but fit is tight so person would probable be a size 7.5.  I want to sell them for $100.  The original price was $300.00.  I know you have an international group of readers but I will only pay for shipping in the US.

“Shoe width, size M.

“I have to go cook munchies now.”



Dudes Guide to Women’s Shoes is in the process of setting up and will set up a HIGH TOUCH CLASSIFIED AD section on our website, www.dudesguidetowomensshoes.com.

Men will be able to tell what hip fun intelligent fashionable fashion conscious women of good taste and substance “wear” (have worn, are wearing and will be wearing in the future) by looking at pictures of their shoes shown in those ads.


Susan Phillips-Moskowitz’s Stuart Weiztman shoes (pictured above) will be the first pair of women’s shoes listed for sale in the HIGH TOUCH CLASSIFIED AD SECTION of the Dudes Guide to Women’s Shoes blog.

You have just read the first ever Classified Advertisement for a pair of vintage women’s shoes that comes with a pedigree.



Don’t buy any of the shoes shown in the HIGH TOUCH CLASSIFIED AD SECTION of Dudes Guide to Women’s Shoes unless you are willing to recycle them (i.e., give them to charity or to someone else) if that special woman in your life doesn’t want them or doesn’t like them.

Find out what size shoe the special woman in your life wears..

Ever if that special woman in your life doesn’t like the gift of a pair of shoes you buy for her, she will give you credit for trying to make her happy.


Today, a woman friend sent me the photos below with instructions to share those photos with men who read this blog – men who are interested in knowing what sensible women’s shoes owned by world-class intelligent practical women look like.

The cover note to me from that woman (who is the daughter of a General and an international business woman) states:

“Gary, They are really sensible shoes.”
 Inline image
Inline image
Inline image
Inline image
Many refined women own shoes that are works of art.
Susan, for example, owns a pair of Prada shoes that she purchased on sale in 2003 at Saks that are now too tight but she cannot part with them [“yet”] because they are a museum quality work of art and they have sentimental value to her due to the circumstances under which she purchased them.


Gary Smolker, fashion blogger

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Women Have More Than Their Bodies to Offer Men

Gary Smolker : September 13, 2016 12:59 pm : blog, Uncategorized

I have been spending the week in Toronto, Canada attending the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

According to one “expert”, in the movie world, Toronto has the worldwide reputation as being the most film literate city in the world.

At most of the 18 films I saw in five days, the director and cast members were present.  The director introduced the film and after the film was over the director and actors and actresses answered questions asked by members of the audience.

As a fashion blogger I was interested in what people were wearing, particularly their shoes.

In my opinion you can what kind a person a women is by the shoes and the clothes she is wearing and her hand bag.

I immediately knew the women director of the film “The Journey Is the Destination” was a fun person when she came on the stage to introduce her film.

Below are pictures I took of her after her film was shown and she finished answering questions asked by people in the audience.

I couldn’t help looking at her great legs, short silver skirt, and adventuresome shoes.


When I first saw her get on the stage to introduce her film I could tell from the clothes she was wearing that she is a high energy person.  I could also tell that her film would be a high energy adventure story.

Look at the pictures of her shown below.



Look at her shoes.


At every day I was in attendance at the film festival, I noticed that I could tell what kind of clothes a women was be wearing by only looking at the shoes she was wearing.

Time after time, I repeatedly observed that women who were wearing exciting shoes wear also wearing exciting clothes and carrying an excitingly interesting handbag.

Below are photos are took of some women who caught my attention after I observed that they were wearing very exciting shoes.


My shoe looking adventure began as I was walking down King Street to go to a movie last night.

King Street is a major street during the Toronto International Film Festival.

As I was walking down King Street, I immediately saw and came up to several friendly woman wearing very uniquely stunning who it turned out were also wearing very attractive outfits, and as it turned out were also carrying high style stylish/trendy full of life fun to look at bags.

They were delightful to talk to.

We talked about the Dudes Guide to Women’s Shoe BLOG and my efforts to teach men what men need to know about women’s shoes.

Above is a picture of one of them.

Look at the fun shoes she was wearing.


Below is a picture of another. more »

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