How Important Are Women’s Shoes to Women?

Gary Smolker : August 23, 2016 6:03 am : blog

Lessons Learned from Experience

I recently asked some of my men friends, “How important are women’s shoes to women?”

One replied:

“I can tell you from my life experiences that women in every level of society from the 1% to the bottom of the pile think and care about shoes if even beyond their reach.”

Another friend replied:

“I told my wife if a cop shoots me, loot a store.  She asked, ‘Which store?’  I thought about it and told her the Grange hardware store.  She retorted that she would loot a shoe store instead.”

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The Birds and Bees, Sex Appeal, Sexy Women & Phallic Symbols

Gary Smolker : August 22, 2016 6:01 am : blog

Sex Starved Men and Women See Phallic Symbols Everywhere

Some people see phallic symbols when they look at sand castles built at the beach.


Some men see phallic symbols everywhere.

That is why women wearing high heels are so appealing to them.

Some Women Like High High Heels Even Though It Is Very Painful to Wear Them

It is very painful to wear high heels.

However, women believe high heeled shoes, like those pictured below, are very “sexy” , very alluring.

Women believe high heeled shoes make them more sexily appealing to men.

That is why they wear them.




I REPEAT: Women think high heels make them look sexy.

I agree: High heel shoes do make women look sexy.

See three pictures below: high heeled shoes modeled by my good friend hypnotherapist Femme Fatale.





Six Inch High Stilettos

A pregnant woman recently told me she owns 200 six inch stilettos.

A “Stiletto” is a style of high heel woman’s shoe.

A six inch stiletto is a high heel woman’s shoe with a six inch heel.

She told me:  “The worse thing about being seven months pregnant is that I can’t wear any of my six inch stilettos because it would hurt too much if I did.”

The Birds and the Bees

Everyone has an ideal person in mind before a relationship begins.

ON ONE HAND: Sexual attraction is nature’s way of provoking men to introduce themselves to women.

ON THE OTHER HAND: All relationships women begin start with a woman’s guess that the man they are introducing themselves to (and getting to know or willing to get to know) is their kind of man, the ‘ideal’ man they want to meet at the moment.

Growing up is a process.

It takes time.


Gary S. Smolker, fashion blogger

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A Walk on the Beach at Sunset Before Going Out to Dinner

Gary Smolker : August 21, 2016 3:27 am : blog

Dining Out Shoes and Walking on the Beach Shoes

I had a wonderful dinner with my good friend Femme Fatale last night, August 19, 2016.

Our plan was to go for a walk on the beach at sunset and then out to dinner – the beach in front of the “The Sunset” Restaurant in Malibu, California at Point Dume.

Femme Fatale knew I was launching a fashion blog on “what men need to know about women’s shoes” and offered to model the shoes she would be wearing when I arrived at her home to go out to dinner and for a walk on the beach.

Below are photos of the four shoes Femme Fatale modeled for me.

Going out to dinner shoes:




Walking on the beach at Sunset shoes.



Femme Fatale advised me that the Bebe Shoes (pictured above) were way to expensive for her budget, to buy for herself.

However, one day she walked into the Bebe store in the Topanga  Westfield Mall and found them on sale for a fraction of the price they were before they were put on sale.

I forgot the prices she told me.  Perhaps the prices were: Original Price $150, Sales Price $30 dollars.

Guys’ Takeaway:

  1. Women love shoes.
  2. If your girl-friend or wife can wait, the original price of the very expensive priced shoes she “loves”/wants may be drastically reduced when the shoe she loves is put on sale.
  3. That is the budget conscious time to buy her those shoes.

A Romantic Dinner

It is very romantic to walk on the beach at sunset before going out to dinner. more »

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