A Walk on the Beach at Sunset Before Going Out to Dinner

Gary Smolker : August 21, 2016 3:27 am : blog

Dining Out Shoes and Walking on the Beach Shoes

I had a wonderful dinner with my good friend Femme Fatale last night, August 19, 2016.

Our plan was to go for a walk on the beach at sunset and then out to dinner – the beach in front of the “The Sunset” Restaurant in Malibu, California at Point Dume.

Femme Fatale knew I was launching a fashion blog on “what men need to know about women’s shoes” and offered to model the shoes she would be wearing when I arrived at her home to go out to dinner and for a walk on the beach.

Below are photos of the four shoes Femme Fatale modeled for me.

Going out to dinner shoes:




Walking on the beach at Sunset shoes.



Femme Fatale advised me that the Bebe Shoes (pictured above) were way to expensive for her budget, to buy for herself.

However, one day she walked into the Bebe store in the Topanga  Westfield Mall and found them on sale for a fraction of the price they were before they were put on sale.

I forgot the prices she told me.  Perhaps the prices were: Original Price $150, Sales Price $30 dollars.

Guys’ Takeaway:

  1. Women love shoes.
  2. If your girl-friend or wife can wait, the original price of the very expensive priced shoes she “loves”/wants may be drastically reduced when the shoe she loves is put on sale.
  3. That is the budget conscious time to buy her those shoes.

A Romantic Dinner

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