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Tamar Braxton Wow. Can you believe she’s 40? We’ll admit that we had totally forgotten about all the non-Toni Braxton’s until we saw Tamar show up at the recent BET’s looking like a shining beacon of classy fashion. This is a grown up 40ish woman who doesn’t need to desperately reach for the slut ring more »

Post Cannes Film Festival Alert:Emma Thompson A SHORT STORY: Emma’s ugly shoe redux reminds me of an old, old Anglo Saxon tradition regarding Brides and shoes. This tradition holds that if you encounter a bride on her way to her wedding ceremony, you greet her thus: “A happy foot!” The bride was encouraged to respond to this greeting by more »

Lady Gaga (again) By now you all might be saying that we could devote this entire section to Gaga all the time (or to Nicki Menaj). With so much ugliness focused around Gaga’s feet, sometimes we cannot simply look away. Look at those horrid oatmeal puke-covered fairy heels! This brings to mind a fact about more »

Shoegasms Women love shoes. But, shoes aren’t the entire or only thing women think about. Women think about “composition”, how one thing will go with another (i.e. how a pair of shoes will go with the dress they will be wearing to make her a beautiful piece/part a completely beautiful composition). In order for a more »

Creative Jam Above is a photograph I took of Sequoia Emmanuel last night (May 9, 2017) at a “Creative Jam” put on by Adobe last night at UCLA. Living A Life of Excellence Sequoia knows how to live a life of excellence. Smart Phone Case The object that looks like a camera at Sequoia’s waist more »

Rhianna: Wicked Witch Of The East’s hotter-looking Barbadian step-sister. So what do good buddies Katy Perry and Rhianna have in common besides that fact that they’re both every teenaged girl’s favorite pop stars? Yes, ugly red shoes. This plague is spreading, good people, and yours truly and my merry band of taste makers are powerless to more »

Looks Look at those OVER THE KNEE RED SUEDE BOOTS. The woman wearing those red suede over the knee boots is Sequoia Emmanuelle. Art Sequoia is an artist, an art director and a work of art. Sequoia’s body is a canvas on which she wears her art, on which Sequoia places signs which send messages more »

Post-Coachella Edition: Katy Perry OLD VAUDVILLE JOKE: Why do loose women wear green lipstick? A: Because red means “stop”. Checking out our cute lil Katy, red really means stop. Please Katy, your audience has only been good to you and this is how you repay us? SERIOUSLY FOLKS, if I was a judge in criminal more »

Coachella Editon: SuperModel Kate Bosworth First, the obvious. Kate Bosworth’s sandal clodhoppers are hideous. ’nuff said . . . Second, I would like to talk about the unlikely legacy of the Coachella Music Festival that draws all the planet’s top style and tastemakers like a honeytrap (with or without their butt ugly shoes). Once up more »

Overview “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” -Rachael Zoe, Stylist & Designer “The way that you dress, and the way that you present yourself to the world communicates something about you before you even open your mouth.” – Hillary Kerr,  Founder “What You Wear” “Fashion is instant language.” more »