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She (ALEXA) is absolutely beautiful, friendly, calm, centered, kind, gracious, wholesome and shy. She refines and restyles high performance automobiles. Some of the automobiles brought to her to restyle were purchased by someone for a base price of $850,000 or more before being brought to Alexa for restyling. Stylish shy womencan’t help glowing. They are naturals who they can’t stop expressing their creativityand emitting good vibes. NATURAL BEAUTIES emit good vibes and glow. ADVICE: more »

Positive vibes are everything. An enlightened person changes when he or she receives new information/vibes that changes his/her understanding and/or his/her point of view. PAY ATTENTION TO THE VIBES people emit. Understand how women and men see/think and understand things and how they communicate verbally, nonverbally, and by their tone, by their vibes and by their focus. ADVICE TO MEN: Try not to more »

Today I asked two friends (a man and a woman) “Why do women get boob jobs?” The man replied: “I never met a woman who was happy with the size of her breasts. Everyone of them wished they were smaller or larger than what they were. One woman had breasts just like the famous Venus in the Louvre and she more »

SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING WARNING. Enact a rule/law that makes it sexual harassment for a man to look at a woman for five seconds or longer. If there is a rule/law that states it is sexual harassment for a man to look at a woman for more than five seconds, women wearing the nails shown … will cause more »

MEN AND WOMEN REACT STRONGLY AND POSITIVELY TO COLORS, SENSUALITY, AND SOULFULNESS. Example: There are many exact artistically perfect proportions and precisely right combinations of colors and shapes in fine cuisine. That is one of the many reasons fine cuisine is fine cuisine. ABOVE IS A PHOTO of fine cuisine — a photo of a colorful dish served at a popular world famous restaurant in South America. more »

The most active thing that a man can do is not simply to do something but to dedicate himself to doing it PERSONAL NOTE: I love flowers, fast cars, fashion, style, glamor and women who know how to dress be fun and behave themselves. PHILOSOPHICAL OBSERVATION: Life is a space of time in which there more »

This privately owned privately used transportation vehicle – limo – comfortably seats twelve. When the owner comes to LA his driver picks him up… In between his trips to LA it is parked at his home -idly waiting in his garage along with his driver waiting for him to come back to LA. The photo more »

It sometimes trains in Southern California, in Sherman Oaks, and everywhere else all over Los Angeles. Today it was raining in Sherman Oaks, Encino and Van Nuys as I drove from my home in Van Nuys to Starbucks in Sherman Oaks and while I was on my way to my office in Encino. A few more »

Wow, a shoe line that makes ugly its calling card! Apparently, young t.v. and film actress AnnaSophia Robb has been told by certain depraved grownups that these kind of shoes are acceptable on Red Carpets! (Please, someone do an intervention on this poor young lady before she gets any more weird ideas.) (SPECIAL NOTE: For your more »