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SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING WARNING. Enact a rule/law that makes it sexual harassment for a man to look at a woman for five seconds or longer. If there is a rule/law that states it is sexual harassment for a man to look at a woman for more than five seconds, women wearing the nails shown … will cause more »

MEN AND WOMEN REACT STRONGLY AND POSITIVELY TO COLORS, SENSUALITY, AND SOULFULNESS. Example: There are many exact artistically perfect proportions and precisely right combinations of colors and shapes in fine cuisine. That is one of the many reasons fine cuisine is fine cuisine. ABOVE IS A PHOTO of fine cuisine — a photo of a colorful dish served at a popular world famous restaurant in South America. more »

Okay now that your soda pop has come out of your nose and mouth and finished spraying this computer screen, let’s deal with seriousness of Carly Rae Jepsen’s condition, shall we? These *shoes* look like they just escaped from a LEPER COLONY and now we’re afraid Carly needs to be quarantined before she spreads a more »

I have been spending the week in Toronto, Canada attending the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. According to one “expert”, in the movie world, Toronto has the worldwide reputation as being the most film literate city in the world. At most of the 18 films I saw in five days, the director and cast members more »

Overview Beads, Beadwork and Fringe are now in. Native American Indians have been designing and creating beautiful beadwork items here in the United States for more than two hundred years. Native American Beadwork Throughout their history, members of Native American Indian Tribes (such as members of the Crow, Chippewa, Osage, Potawatomi, Kiowa, Comanche, Sioux, Kiowa, more »