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MEAT EATING LOVERS VS. VEGAN LOVERS: True or false: Vegansmake better lovers?

I have not tested this theory?

THE SMELL TEST: What you Eat will determine how your breath smells and how your skin smells.

I learned while preparing for my upcoming trip to Peru and Brazil that what you eat causes your body to produce volatile chemicals that are released into the air – these airborne chemicals either attract mosquitoes to you or repel mosquitoes away from you depending on what you have eaten.

ASIDE: The woman who is wearing this shirt will be taking care of my orchid plants while I am traveling in Peruand Brazil this summer and she is a fabulous cook. (Her husband is a carnivore.) I dropped my orchid plants off at her house tonight (Wednesday August 2, 2018). She and her husband treated me to a wonderful homemade dinner. He barbecued Meat for an entree and she prepared a variety of dishes including Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

After dinner, I asked both of them (privately) whether vegans make better lovers. I leave for Peru on Monday(Aug 6, 2018).

See video of her garden posted on Instagram @garyspassion.

FOOD FACTS: There is an art and science to pairing common ingredients to create extraordinary dishes.

MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY: Each ingredient has a complex network of chemical structures that give each ingredient its own unique flavor. These compounds are responsible for 80 percent of what we perceive when we take a bite or sip. A simple ingredient like lettuce has about twenty such compound.

Coffee has nearly 1,000. When it comes to enjoying food, our sense of taste would be nothing without our sense of smell. Test that for yourself. Next time you sip your coffee, pinch your nose closed and see if it doesn’t taste like warm, slightly bitter water. Without your nose to sense hundreds of volatile compounds (called aromatic compounds), coffee – or any substance – becomes nearly flavorless.

Think about how much the aroma of burgers on a grill tell you about the food’s flavor … as the scent wafts through the summer air … even if you are sitting far away from it.

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