Defy The Digital World- Say Yes To Life With Style

With the rise of AI and 3-D printers mankind’s biological drives will not go away. To keep our mental balance all of us will continue to say yes to life with style no matter how advanced computer technology becomes.

Look at the beautiful simple hat that woman is wearing. Her choice to wear the simple hat she is wearing sends the message to me that she is more interesting refined logical exciting and orderly and has a better sense of packaging and style than the newest model of iPhone.

PERSONAL OBSERVATION: I recently spent three weeks as a tourist on a sight seeing and culinary adventure in Brazil. I found the Brazilian women I met to be warm welcoming friendly sexy and openly accepting of their own bodies. Female Sexuality throbbed in my nostrils every time I breathed, with every breath I took in Brazil, everywhere I went in Brazil.

GOAL: I plan to go to Carnaval in Rio to watch and to photograph and to be part of the free—flowing joy and ecstasy of a population full blast celebrating the miracle and gift of being alive.

QUESTION: Does the hat make the woman? A: No! It’s her packaging and sense of style.

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