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Exceptional People Two to Four Thousand Years Ago

Today, cranes can lift up to 20 tons.

In Roman times, Jews lifted stones in Jerusalem that weighed 600 tons, Romans lifted stones that weighed 800 tons.

Before Roman times, Egyptians lifted stones that weighed 1,000 tons.

Those people were marvelous engineers and builders.

We don’t know how they were able to lift objects that weighed so much.  

That knowledge has been lost.

Exceptional People Today 

Last night, June 27, 2012, I attended a “Cornell in Hollywood” program on “how to get ‘booked’ as an actor or writer in ‘Hollywood'” at the Writers Guild of America, 7000 West Third Street, Los Angeles, California.

One hundred forty people, including myself attended this event.

Fashion Is A Form of Immediate Communication

As I looked around a room where cheese and wine were being served, before the panel discussion began, I saw a woman taking advantage of this by wearing a pair of boots.

Compared to everyone else I saw she was an exceptional person.

What should wore made a visual impact on me.

Below is a photograph of the boots she was wearing.

I concluded that she was the most interesting woman in the room and although a panel of six successful writers, actors and actresses were there to provide their insight on what it takes to be a success in Hollywood, I anticipated that she would turn out to be one of the most exceptional if not the most exceptional person attending this event.

Getting Booked for A Role

All six panelist agreed: in Los Angeles/Hollywood, you get booked if you “look right for the part” at your audition.

The auditions are taped.

More often than not, neither the director nor the producer are present at the audition.  

They look at the tape of the audition later. 

In Los Angels, the person making the decision is not there to see you act.

The people making the decisions decide if you are who they want based on how you look.

In New York you go into your audition in jeans, its all about the work, doing something emotionally.  

Not so in Los Angeles.  

In Los Angeles you have to look good at your audition.


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