HAPPY NEW YEAR- Learn To Listen

I drank two glasses of calming tea in the three hour time period from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. last night while listening to a women passionately describe the hummus she had made earlier in the day that would be served at her family’s New Year’s Eve dinner. This women is very inspirational.

I have seen her the past three nights. She is an ideologue full of pathos, logos and a good sense of humanity. THE PASt THREE NIGHTS SHE INSPIRED ME WITH HER PASSION VERVE INTELLIGENCE AND WILD ABANDON.

Sunday night we sat in P.F.Chang’s talking to each other until the restaurant closed after seeing the MULE – with the waiter’s permission we didn’t order anything or a “drink” because we were not hungry.

I left a substantial tip in cash when we left the table we had been sitting at. Women are fun to talk to. DGTWS dedicates 2019 paying homage to women.

At DGTWS, it is our duty and our responsibility to inform our male readers that exciting down to earth intelligent women exist.

ASIDE: When I told the woman I was with on New Year’s Eve up to 10:00 p.m. of my desire to find a woman to cook with, she told me she and the women she knows cook alone; they even wash and cut vegetables themself because if anyone else was helping them they would just get in the way … slow down the process and might lower the quality of the final product.

Lesson Learned Guys: Alway be helpful, but first learn to listen to your women. If she thinks you’re getting in the way- then go grab drink, flip on the TV sports and oblige her by letting her know you’re available if she needs you. You’ll both be happier.

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