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Creative Jam

Above is a photograph I took of Sequoia Emmanuel last night (May 9, 2017) at a “Creative Jam” put on by Adobe last night at UCLA.

Living A Life of Excellence

Sequoia knows how to live a life of excellence.

Smart Phone Case

The object that looks like a camera at Sequoia’s waist  in the photo above is actually a smart phone cover.

Standing Out

Sequoia was a stand out at the “Creative Jam.”

Nobody at the Creative Jam looked as sharp as Sequoia.

Creator of Free Thinking Unbounded Spiritually Inspired Psychedelic Images

Sequoia is a professional photographer and art director.

She was one of three speakers at the Creative Jam.

She described herself as being influenced by living in a spiritual  psychedelic environment.

In my opinion, Sequoia’s is a spiritual psychedelic environment; Sequoia’s cultural background is life one step beyond gypsy.

The ART of Living

Sequoia treats the human form as a canvas in an environment she creates; Sequoia paints,  molds and adorns the human form in conjunction with painting and molding an environment in which Sequoia places the human form.

Unlimited Imagination Ignited By Real Life

The end result of the totality of what Sequoia creates is a blurring of the distinction between art, wearable art and the art of living.

There is no limit to what Sequoia can imagine or to the images Sequoia creates for herself and others.

There Are Exciting Women in the World


There are exciting women in the world, like the woman wearing the high over the knee metal boots (while riding a horse and spearing/killing a dragon) shown in the photo above.

You can tell Sequoia is one of the exciting women in the world by the smart phone case encasing her smart phone shown in the top photo.

Sequoia has presence.

  • Sequoia doesn’t have to wear red suede over the hip boots and a mini-skirt while showing a lot of thigh in order to get attention.
  • Sequoia has as much or more impact by choosing just the right “far-out-tasteful” smart-phone case for her smart phone.

Fashion Is Temporary, Style is Forever

Sequoia has style.

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.

Everything Sequoia does stands out because Sequoia has style.

See what Sequoia looks like when Sequoia wears her over the knee red suede boots and black mini-skirt on Instagram.

Check our photos of Sequoia and Sequoia’s photos on Instagram @sequoiaemmanuelle

Sequoia exemplifies living a life of excellence

Life Is An Adventure

Go live it.

Break into the zone and flow.

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