Living On A Limited High Fashion Shoe Budget In A Dismal Economy – by Gary S. Smolker

Q: Is It Necessary for Women to Purchase High Fashion Shoes?

A: Owning Stylish Shoes Is Very Important to Women.

As discussed in previous articles published in Dude’s Guide to Women’s Shoes, at

  1. Women buy a lot of shoes.
  2. Wealthy women (and not so wealthy women) run out of space to put their shoes.
  3. Women sometimes purchase shoes they never wear.
  4. Women purchase shoes they wear only once or twice.
  5. Inevitably, women get rid of their “old” shoes in order to make a space to put their newly purchased shoes.
  6. Shoe shopping is a necessity; shoe shopping is a beneficial form of  psychological therapy.
  7. Women believe it is necessary to buy new shoes in order to maintain their sense of self and self-esteem.
  8. Many women are addicted to frequently buying new shoes.
  9. Smart businessmen have always known that the most accurate way to look at the economy is by looking at how the beauty salons are doing and at women shoe sales because those are the last things women are prone to give up.
  10. Give a beautiful woman new shoes and a hair do over and hold on.  That is what makes them happy.  They also need to have their nails done regularly.

Q: Are We Living In A Dismal Economy?

A: Yes!

Most women in their 20s and 30s don’t make enough money to pay full price for high fashion shoes and neither do their husbands or fathers; they are living “at home” with parents who have limited means.

[ASIDE: I’ve read that half the young adults in the United States born between 1975 and 1995 are unemployed.]

Q: Is the Economy Likely To Get Better for Working People?

A: No.

It Doesn’t Look like Things Are Getting Better Or That Things Are Going to Get Better.

It has been estimated that people working in 47% of all jobs in the United States are at high risk of being replaced within twenty years by computers.

Today, people who have manual jobs and people who have white collar jobs are losing their jobs because machines are taking over their jobs.

The Unworking Class

Some economists believe

  1. Our economy is in the process of creating a massive “unworking class.”
  2. We are witnessing the creation of a massive group of people devoid of any economic value.
  3. A massive group of people are unemployed and unemployable.

In the opinion of those economists, the critical problem facing the US economy is not the creation of jobs, it is the creation of new jobs that humans perform better than computers.

According to various experts, ninety nine percent of human qualities and abilities are simply redundant for the performance of post modern jobs.

Professionals’ (like MDs’) careers/jobs are threatened by advances in technology and by the creation of computer programs and robots that do a better job than they do.

  • In a recent experiment a computer algorithm correctly diagnosed 90 percent of lung cancer cases presented to it, while human doctors had a success rate of only 50 percent.
  • In its first year of operation a robotic pharmacist provided 2 million prescriptions, without making a single mistake.  On average, flesh and blood pharmacists err in filling 1.7 per cent of prescriptions.  In the United States alone this amounts to more than 50 million mistaken prescriptions every year.

A Modest Proposed Solution to to the Looming Crisis of Our Inability to Pay Full Price for High Fashion Women Shoes

High fashion shoes are being sold at great prices at thrift shops in affluent neighborhoods.

Tell your friends and everyone you know that has limited means, “they can purchase high fashion shoes at great prices by shopping at thrift shops.”


  1. Sherman Oaks is a very affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.
  2. I have two photos taken in March 2017 of  shelves of high fashion shoes donated by affluent ladies to the NCJWLA Council Thrift Store at 12203 Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles California.
  3. The photos show there are rows of shoes costing $3.00 and up, rows of shoes costing $7 and up and rows of boots costing $10 and up.  For some technical reason I am unable to paste those into this article.  If you would like a copy of those photos send me an email at with the heading REQUEST FOR PHOTOS OF SHOES FOR SALE IN THRIFT SHOP.

Are you interested in what the future looks like?

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