RED CARPET: Who is this classy celeb? (& a story about 13 trolls)

Anna Kendrick At “Trolls” Premiere (hawt fashion, yall)

This “Trolls” red carpet look is months and months old but we here at DGTWS never get tired giving credit where it’s due.

It seems the lovely actress of Twilight and other hit films, Anna Kendrick, is making us stop to actually notice what women put on their feet for otherwise forgettable red carpet events.

Velvet black heels with hybrid straps and open toe combo? Wow. Too hawt.

Reminds us of the Icelandic Viking tradition where children put their shoes on their window sills during the 13 days of Christmas festivities. Supposedly, a group of 13 trolls called the Yule Boys show up each night to drop treats into the kids’ shoes (or rotten potatoes for misbehaving tykes).

We would predict that Anna’s shoes would cause the trolls to fight each other for the privilege of leaving her bouquets of roses in these classy heels. Merry Christmas Anna, you’ve given our weary eyes a real present!

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