Relationships: “A Beneficial Purpose”

Once upon a time, corporations in Europe and then in the United States were given their charters by the government to carry out specific endeavors meant to enhance the common good.

Status as a corporationwould give the proprietors special protection against personal liability as well as the ability to pool resources and manpower that could not easily be achieved by an individual proprietorship.

QUESTION: What would personal relationships be like TODAY if people specified “beneficial PURPOSE” they have in mind clearly at the beginning of their relationship?

Gary Smolker,
FashionBlogger, World Traveler and Trial Attorney.

PHOTO ABOVE of two people who appear to be authentically enjoying each other without fakery manipulation self-aggrandizement or hidden agenda.

HISTORICAL NOTE: Corporate charters today are handed out to anyone who asks, without the founders having to justifytheir need for this special status by specifying their beneficial purpose. Today people treat each other – treat their boyfriend and their girlfriend, and treat their husband and treat their wife – as if they were/are COMMODITIES.

In “HIP” cities like San Francisco male-female relationships are short-term; there are more pet dogs than children. People have a longer lasting relationship with their pet than with their significant other.

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