Shoegasm – by Gary Smolker


Women love shoes.

But, shoes aren’t the entire or only thing women think about.

Women think about “composition”, how one thing will go with another (i.e. how a pair of shoes will go with the dress they will be wearing to make her a beautiful piece/part a completely beautiful composition).

In order for a woman to have a shoegasm she must have a bag or clutch or purse, or another accessory that is perfectly matched to the pair of shoes she is wearing, and/or matched to the dress she is wearing.

Women are art directors.

A Woman’s Artistic Mind

In a woman’s artistic mind, shoes go with a handbag a dress, a blouse, etc.

Women want shoes to complement what else they are wearing, and they want what else they are wearing to complement their shoes.

Given the right combination of shoes and a dress to wear and a handbag or clutch to carry a woman will have a shoegasm.


What is “shoesgasmic”?

A “shoegasm” is the physical, mental and emotional state a woman experiences when she is wearing a pair of shoes which are perfectly matched to a purse, clutch or bag she is carrying and the dress or blouse or jacket she is wearing.

Beadwork Is Now the In-Thing in Fashion

Steve Madden and Gucci are now adorning their shoes with beads.

Gucci is also adorning its bag, purses and clutches with beads.


Below are photographs I took earlier this year (on January 19, 2017) of two Gucci purses and of two Gucci bags adorned with beadwork.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden is now making beaded sandals, beaded casual shoes and beaded high heel shoes.

It was my experience when I visited his store in the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica that I couldn’t find appropriate bags or other accessories to go with the beaded shoes on display.

Below are photographs of beaded shoes I took last week (on May 8, 2017) in the Steve Madden store located in the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California.



Design is the touchstone for elite elegance.

I felt bad when I couldn’t find an appropriate bag or clutch to go with Steve Madden’s beautiful beaded shoes (i.e, a Native American Indian inspired bag or clutch or purse) when I visited Steve Madden’s Third Street Promenade store in Santa Monica on May 6, 2017.


None of the compositions (ensembles of shoes with bags or clutches or purses)  I saw in Steve Madden’s Third Street Promenade Store or have seen in high fashion stores such as the Jimmy Choo, Stuart Weitzman, and Gucci stores in a Westfield mall in Woodland Hills, come close to matching the exquisite ensembles I saw in the Sioux Beadwork store I visited in South Dakota two weeks ago, on May 1, 2017.

MY ADVICE TO FASHION DESIGNERS: Fashion Designers (Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Terry de Havilland, Olivia Morris, Char Har Lee, et al.) when and if you make shoes with beadwork please work in conjunction with other designers to make other things for women to wear inspired by Native American Indian beadwork; let the colors, scale and designs of Native American Beadwork inspire you to create fashion accessories that in conjunction with purses, handbags, head bands, etc. showcase you good taste.

In my opinion, fashion designers (outside of  members of Native American Indian tribes) have missed and continue to be missing the opportunity to design beaded items such as beaded vests, pouches, bags, medallions, leggings, cuffs, belts, earrings, dance suits, etc. etc. etc. to complement beaded shoes.


Shoes are one of the most evocative aspects of dress.  But not in a vacuum.

Shoes are powerful indicators of the wearer’s gender, class, status, wealth, individuality, identity and taste within a public setting. But not in a vacuum.

Shoes are seductive.  But not in a vacuum.

Shoes express social values, power, elite status, position in society, social function and passion.

Shoes are part and parcel of the image – identity, individuality, social status, and place in society – presented by a person.

See photograph below.


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