Social Fitness – Challenging Your Brain With Life’s Finest

At the hotel my daughter Leah and I are staying at – at this moment – during our 28 Day cuisine adventure – we are at the swimming pool; a man is walking around the swimming pool with sticks (see photo) containing slices of Mellon and pineapple and grapes that he hands out to anyone who would like one.I took one. — the fruit on it was refreshing and tasted good.

WINTER. It is winter here in Brazil at the moment. But the weather here is perfect swimming pool weather, perfect temperature for swimming, perfect weather for wearing a bikini, etc.

PERSONAL COMMENT: if I wasn’t so shy I would ask women wearing bikinis at the swimming pool for permission to take their photographs and to post the photographs I took of them on Instagram

ADVICE: I need to go to SHYNESS SCHOOL to learn how to get over my shyness – after all, experiments have found that situations in which people are forced to adapt and to attune themselves to new challenges(I.e., make errors and pay attention) tend to increase cognitive ability and also prevents onset of Alzheimer’s.

TAKEAWAY: The brain grows when it is challenged.

ADVICE NUMBER TWO: I could immediate tell the Belmond Hotel is a FIVE STAR HOTEL by being surrounded by luxury elements in every place in the hotel. ASIDE: This is the first hotel I’ve stayed in that hands out slices of fresh fruit to everyone at its outdoor swimming pool.

PERSONAL NOTE: I don’t have sons. I have three daughters. My youngest daughter, Leah just left the swimming pool where she had been swimming to go to a 2:00 p.m. nail appointment. Women must get their nails done, even when they are on vacation. Getting their nails done is an inherent part of their femininity.


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