The Feminization of Men (and Society)

We have a collective memory. Some people among us have experience memory  and  knowledge  embedded in their DNA when they are born from five generations hence. They have memory embedded in their DNA of things they “saw” before they were “born” and of things that they saw that will happen in the future.

They remember everything they hear including what they had heard before they were born.

More and more of them are amongst us. They are touchy feely and highly sensual.

NEWS FLASH: In a recent survey 99 out of 100 women said they want to be men in their next life.

This realization seems to provoke passionate responses from feminists and those who aren’t.

How does that survey/headline play into the “ME TOO MOVEMENT”, the “Feminist Movement”, the expression “PENIS ENVY.”?
Have you ever met a BITTER WOMAN?
Due to modern fertility technology – artificial insemination – Many women think they don’t need men in order to have a baby – and that men are basically sperm donators.
Have you ever heard this thought:: “The benefit of a relationship is not worth the effort necessary to have a relationship … not worth the effort.?
Have you ever heard this thought: “ Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”?
What percentage of the men think all women are crazy it is just a matter of degree?
I told a woman I would like to find a women just like my mother was.
She replied, “They don’t make them like that anymore.”
“OLD FASHIONED” AND “THIS AIN’T KANSAS TOTO” have a whole new meaning today.



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