The Five Second Rule to Prevent Sexual Harassment


WARNING. Enact a rule/law that makes it sexual harassment for a man to look at a woman for five seconds or longer. If there is a rule/law that states it is sexual harassment for a man to look at a woman for more than five seconds, women wearing the nails shown … will cause many men to break that rule. Gary Smolker, Fashion Blogger.

CALL TO ACTION: Fashion advocates unite. Unite against the effort being made to illegalize (criminalize) sexual attractiveness.

SEXUAL ATTRACTION IS NATURAL AND NORMAL. A healthy heterosexual man who sees an attractive woman is going to look at her for more than five seconds. Penalizing a man for breaking the 5 second rule for looking at a woman with those nails for more than five seconds would be like penalizing a man for sneezing. The “don’t look at a woman for more than five second” rule is equivalent to making it against the law for a man to sneeze.

At lunch today I was told that Netflix has enacted a five second rule to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. For the sake of the men working at Netflix, if there is a rule at Netflix that looking at a woman for five seconds is sexual harassment, I hope none of the women working st Netflix wear nails like those shown above while they are in the workplace.

COMMENT: The civilized world has trouble dealing with human sexuality. QUERY: Has the social mores pendulum swung back from sexual freedom back to Puritanism? Will everyone soon be wearing Burkas FASHION ADVOCATES UNITE AGAINST EFFORTS TO CRIMINALIZE SEXUAL ATTRACTIVENESS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

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