White Teeth & Brazil’s Great Deals

A young cosmetic dentist I know inspired me by his curiosity to post that. Like many ambitious people he is a lifetime student. Like many “coaches” I get great joy from SHOWING people how to do things. That is why I am a passionate person.

IT iS NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE TEETH THIS WHITE! WOMEN: Be exciting. If you have white teeth like those teeth shown in this photo (and you can) all the women who see you smile and all the women who see you eat a strawberry will ask/beg you to tell them how you got/keep your teeth so WHITE.

MEN: Give that special woman in your life a special gift, a gift that will make her more sparkly and even more beautiful, more content, more relaxed and more easy going and even more pleasant to be with. Give her a set of veneers placed on her teeth by a dentist @dra.claudiadiniz @abilityodontologia with excellent high performance technique who is an artist and lover of beauty with practical dental/cosmetic dentistry-experience and know how.

BRAZIL CONNECTION: Photo of veneers installed by a beautiful Brazilian-lady dentist I know who practices cosmetic dentistry near the Amazon River in Brazil, a five hour flight from Miami. Changes/prices for dental work by highly educated dentist practicing cosmetic dentistry in Brazil are significantly less than in US.

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