Today I asked two friends (a man and a woman) “Why do women get boob jobs?”

The man replied: “I never met a woman who was happy with the size of her breasts. Everyone of them wished they were smaller or larger than what they were. One woman had breasts just like the famous Venus in the Louvre and she told me that nobody had ever told her she had attractive breasts and she didn’t believe me about the statute until we went to the Louvre.” The woman replied:

Women got liberated and then bought into the idea women were supposed to look like the centerfold of PLAYBOY magazine.

“Nobody has a boob job in Europe.” She also told me that before women start caring about boys they have fun riding their bicycles but after they start caring about boys they start trying to compete, then life stops being fun.

Being an adult is fun. Being an adult is contagious. The smart men I know care more about whether a woman smiles than the size of her breasts.

ADVICE: The women in this photo have beautiful smiles and are beautiful people. That is what counts. SUCCESS IS BEING ABLE TO SMILE. There is nothing more pleasant than being around cheerful happy lively, intelligent, mature, gracious good-natured, compassionate, helpfull, smiling people.

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