Yes, Restroom Style Is Very Important To Women

Women care deeply about bathrooms.
This hotel has wonderful public restrooms, each public restroom is designed and decorated differently than all the others. If a man really likes a woman he should take her on holiday to this resort JUST to be considerate.
This hotel has many other features that make it visually delightful. Many professional wealthy men have no concept Of luxury.
Luxury is very simply
BEAUTY – beautiful happy joyful colors, beautiful color combinations, beautiful design.
An understanding of LUXURY can be expressed as simply as placing a beautiful simple floral display in a simple vase on a table in an outside patio.

PERSONAL OBSERVATION. This hotel is a wonderful place to relax, to connect to beauty. Here, and in many other places, I see how grateful I should be for life. — There is always beauty here. To see beauty is “free.”

This Hotel is designed to give people the opportunity to do nothing:

(1) to enjoy nature, and

(2) to be integrated with nature.

PHOTO: I took this collage of photos of a sink wash basin, the counter the basin is placed in, and of flowers in a vase and of the mirror above the sink. That is a reflection of me taking photos in the mirror. I washed my hands in that sink basin in the the wash room section before going to the restaurant in this hotel to eat lunch.

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